Halong Bay a must-have vacation

Halong Bay A must-have vacation – Halong Bay Cruises – Halong Bay tour. Overnight on boat, do kayaking, bamboo boat, meals with Vietnamese foods and see foods

What are the Halong Bay A must-have vacation


Hello travelers, and welcome to Ha Long Bay. As you may know, Ha Long Bay is one of the 7 Wonders of The World. Approved by UNESCO twice. It is located in Quang Ninh and it’s considered as the Economic, Cultural and Politics center of Quang Ninh.

You’ll definitely be happy when visiting Ha Long Bay. With a acreage of 271,95 square kilometers, including mountains, valleys, coastal areas and islands.

Ha Long Bay a must-have vacation, complex and definitely one of the most ancient areas of Vietnam.

Times to visit

The best times to visit Ha Long Bay is between October to April, when there is no summer. Due to the weather in Vietnam, summer is the time when tropical storms gather, so it’s not the best time to go on vacation.

But, you can still play a gambling game, in theory. You can order a tour in Ha Long for a cheap price in summer and hope that you don’t get hit by a storm. If you’re lucky, you can spend your holiday in peace with a cheap price.

Recommended means of transport

Here are some means of transport that will take you from Ha Noi to Ha Long, based on some requests.

On Road

Ha Noi – Bac Ninh – Ha Long (155km)

Ha Noi – Hai Duong – Ha Long (170km)

Ha Noi – Hai Duong – Hai Phong – Ha Long (160km)

On Rail

You can take the Railway from Ha Noi through Kep and to Ha Long for a 7-hour trip at 5:15 am everyday. The railway is being improved everyday and will become one of the best quality railways in Vietnam.

On Air

You can take a flight from Noi Bai airport to Bac Ninh, then take the road attached to Route 18A to Ha Long.

Another way is through the service of ‘’Air Taxi’’. Air Taxi is a service using helicopters which can handle 7 people (including pilots and passengers) that has been used since 2008. While using this service, you can enjoy the view of Ha Long Bay through the glass windows with the pilots professional illustration.

Attractive destinations

Here are some of the most famous and attractive places in Ha Long

Sun World Ha Long Park – The #1 Amusement Park in Ha Long

Sun World Ha Long Park is the most famous entertainment complex in Ha Long today with many interesting attractions and interesting games.

This top resort in Ha Long is suitable for all ages and genders with outstanding services such as dragon park, cyclone park, artificial beach area, queen cable car park,…

Co To Island

Co To Island is considered one of the most beautiful islands in the Tonkin Gulf and is one of the beautiful tourist destinations in Ha Long.

With unspoiled, magical beauty. With an area of ​​47.3km2, Co To island is famous for more than 50 islands, large and small rocks.

And green, clean beaches, idyllic natural scenery is the ideal place for swimming and relaxation in the summer.

To Co To island, I could not help but visit Ben Van Chay with gentle beaches, shallow water and wild and charming scenery.

Co To Island with two very clean beaches, suitable for picnics. Or Hong Van beach with the most quiet and clean beaches in Co To.

The special thing in Co To is watching the early morning sunrise on Co To Island and enjoying the specialties here is an extremely interesting experience when traveling to Co To Island.

Bai Chay

Traveling in Ha Long has to inclued going to Bai Chay with cool blue beaches. Bai Chay is actually a rhombic island with a length of 6km, is a large and beautiful artificial beach located close to the coast of Ha Long Bay, with a sandbank more than 500 m long and 100 m wide.

Bai Chay Tourist Area is becoming the most beautiful tourist destination in Ha Long city.

With beaches alternating with luxurious and diverse architectural villas and water puppet performers, traditional music and many games.

With terrain located close to Ha Long Bay with fully-equipped hotels and many restaurants, long-term eateries on the streets and various entertainment centers serving 24/24.Bai Chay tourism with fresh climate, pure blue sea water is very suitable for tourism and relaxation.

There are many more places to visit, many activities to participate in, all awaits you here in Ha Long. So come join us, for joy and entertainment. The end.