Halong Bay experience

Halong Bay experience – Halong Bay Cruises – Vietnam Premier Travel. Transfer by Dcar, overnight on boat, at the hotel in Tuan Chau, Cat Ba Island.

Halong Bay experience with the weather as:

Halong in the northern area should have 4 seasons, but usually they conceive of winter and summer.

Summer usually starts from April to the end of September. During this time the average temperature varies from 25 to 37 degrees c. However, the rainfall is not too large and prolonged.
And followed by the rainy season, Halong usually has storms every year, but not much because there are many surrounding mountains.
Visitors should not be too worried because as mentioned above, there are often lots of beautiful sunny days, good weather for fun activities.

The average temperature is from 12 to 20 degrees in winter, which is usually dry and not rain.

Prepare luggage

If you sleep for 1 night on the train, your luggage is simply a personal thing. On board with full towels, hair dryer, slippers and full blanket, pillow.

There will be time for visitors to swim if going to Lan Ha Bay route. Bikini is necessary, swimming buoys are already available in the room and on the ship

Vehicles and some suggestions about cruise types

If you just visit Halong and sleep at the hotel, you need to have some more information about:
Types of vehicles: Taxi is popular with many different goods such as Halong taxi, Hai Au Taxi, Mong Cai, Hon Gai, …

Taxi 886 – Móng Cái (033. 886 886); Hạ Long (033. 62 62 62); Hòn Gai (033. 84 84 84); Mai Linh (033. 628 628)… Tham quan vịnh, bạn có thể liên hệ thuê tàu tại cảng tàu du lịch Bãi Cháy (033. 846 592); bến tàu du lịch Hạ Long (033. 847 481); Công ty Dương Hải (033. 845 042); Trung tâm dịch vụ vịnh Hạ Long (033. 844 631); Công ty Hải Âu (033. 824 779).

The 1-day cruises follow Halong route, will visit Sung Sot cave, do kayak at Luon cave, 5 hours boat cruises

Alova cruise, Wonder bay cruise, Genesis day cruise.

Explore Bai Tu Long Bay are Lemon cruise, Bhaya classic cruise

Explore Lan ha Bay is Jade sail cruise, this is the special way

It’s the best cruise 1 day in Halong Bay discovery journey and also is the Halong Bay experience when we were get them.

Sleeping ship is an extremely interesting experience that tourists often choose when visiting Halong.
With a flexible budget, visitors will easily choose a suitable journey.

4 star cruises explore Halong Bay are: President cruise, Paradise Peak cruise, Aclass Stellar Cruise.

4 star cruises explore Bai Tu Long Bay: Emperor Cruise, Athena Luxury cruise, Viola cruise.

5 star cruises explore Lan Ha Bay: Genesis Regal Cruise, Stellar of the Sea cruise, La Theater cruise