Halong Bay Cruises

Halong Bay Cruises – Halong Bay Tours – Vietnam Premier Travel. Departure everyday with package tour. Bus pickup and drop off, all foods, kayak, visit floating house included.

Everything you need to know about Halong Bay Cruises

In the 2-day 1-night program for the first time guests experience the on-board sleeping service as follows.
You can first explore a lot of small islands on the bay yourself by kayaking or watching them with bamboo boats.

Also you can visit floating houses on the bay. They are the most effective defenders of the sea and nature. Because Ha Long Bay is the place to feed their families, protecting them in big waves and high winds.

If you like activities you can climb the mountain to see the whole Ha Long Bay from above. You can snorkel and watch corals with small snorkels.
Or you are free, relaxed, you can stay on the ship relaxing on the recess on the deck.

Halong Bay Cruises dinning

Most of Halong Bay Cruises serve all the meals during 2 days 1 ningh. Most of them are Vietnamese dishes such as rolls, noodles, Vietnamese bread by chefs who love profession and know about pure food.
Breakfast is usually served with tea, coffee, bread and eggs. After some activities outside, visitors will continue to enjoy lunch with bufer food.
Dinner is usually a highlight in the 2-day-1-night journey. The dishes are beautifully decorated and rich in nutrition.
And also on the deck there is always a small bar for drinks.

Halong Bay Cruises activity

– Climbing up to Titop Island. Named after the Russian astronaut after coming here, Titop is the top destination. To see firsthand the panoramic view of Halong Bay or all of Halong Bay Cruises you have to climb 400 stone steps. From here you can suck all beautiful scenes at your sight

– Visist the caves  

Sung Sot cave is one of the most beatifull cave in Halong Bay. With its high ceiling and divided into 2, Sung Sot Cave attracts every visitor when coming here. With thousands of stalactites created by nature after millions of years, the Sung Sot Cave has great beauty. That’s why it has the name Amazing cave.

– Do kayak is one of the indispensable activities in the journey to discover Ha Long Bay for 2 days 1 night. Weaving through the limestone mountains, touching the cool blue water or simply try enduring it. With just a few minutes, you can easily control Kayak and discover and enjoy this beauty of your own in your own way.

These are some important information in the journey to discover Ha Long Bay on beautiful boats. And we will have more in the 3-day and 2-night vacation with Halong Bay Cruises.