Halong Bay attaction

Halong Bay attaction – Halong Bay Cruises – Vietnam Premier Travel. Ha Long with many different destinations, many fun activities, special entertainment such as visiting caves, swimming with water sports activities.

Highly on Halong Bay Attaction

Visit Cave

Thien Cung Cave is considered one of the most beautiful primitive caves. With an area of more than 1000 square meters, it is randomly divided into many frequency bands. With a series of various shapes and stalagmites, Hang Thien has become famous and charming.
To get deep inside the cave, visitors must pass through narrow cliffs. From the entrance of the cave, there is a large space with many layers, each step shows a beautiful and magnificent scenery as the name implies – Thien Cung Cave. This is one of Halong Bay attaction

The sound of wind rushing into the rock formations creates melodious sounds, combined with the shimmer of stalagmites hanging from the ceiling, making visitors sink into romantic atmosphere.

Thien Canh Son Cave is a pristine cave located in Bai Tu Long Bay. It attracts domestic and foreign tourists because of its wild beauty and almost intact because there is no human impact.

It is likened to a theater in the middle of the sea, decorated by beams of lights created by stalactites stalactites tens of thousands of years. Coming out of the cave is a majestic view of the mountains, the cool blue sea appears. Because it is located in the tropical monsoon area, many green vegetation covers, covering all the mountains.

On the journey to discover Halong Bay, visitors will see Dau Go cave floating in the Bay as an emerald. The entrance to the cave expanded like a giant milk, stepping on stone steps to get inside the cave.
In the cave with stalactites pouring from the ceiling down like a waterfall. Every hour passed, the top of the wood was transformed by the sunlight shining.

Dau Go is also an interesting destination in the journey to discover Ha Long Bay. It was voted by the famous French travel magazine in 1938.

Halong Bay Islands

Dau Be Island

Dau Be Island is 22863 square meters wide. It is surrounded by high and vertical mountains. Therefore, storms and boats often avoid here.
And Dau Be Island is also a very interesting destination, with Ba Ham Cave is the preferred place of kayaking and rowing.
When kayaking through Ba Ham, visitors can see the emulsions flowing from the ceiling, many shapes and beautiful sparkles..

Lan Ha Bay

Located close to Ha Long Bay, Cat Ba Island. With over 400 large and small islands covered with trees and dense vegetation.
Forest populations of Cat Ba National Park, Lan Bay Ha are less waves and very clean.
There are very clean natural beaches, pure white sand is washed twice daily by the tide of the tide. This is also a Halong Bay attraction.

It has many coral reefs suitable for diving and swimming.
Lan Ha Bay is also home to the rare and precious flora and fauna species in the world red book.

Cong Do Island medicated Bai Tu Long Bay, 25km from Ha Long Bay. This is the quietest and most beautiful area in Bai Tu Long.
The island has an area of 23363 km and has high mountains of nearly 200.
Here visitors can identify the biodiversity from vegetation, rare species. There is also a natural lake with a variety of fish, shrimp, squid, seaweed, algae, etc.
It is among the destinations in Halong Bay attaction