Halong Bay Activity

Halong Bay Activity – Halong Bay Cruises – Vietnam Premier Travel. Do kayaking, bamboo boat, swimming, visit cave, fishing equipment, do Taichi on the sundeck.

Halong Bay Activity are the best choice when sleep on boat

Do Kayaking is a great experience when you come to Halong Bay. Take the oars by yourself on the clear blue water, water and glide through the mountain ranges.
Crossing the stone caves, there is still water flowing down to the water, green nature, flying birds and birds.
And please try once, not hard at all. If you are afraid there will be instructions to accompany, you will be confident and live with nature when you come here.

The best Kayak paddle place is Luon Cave, Bright Cave, Dark Cave area. Or area near Thien Cung Cave, Dau Go Cave.

Enjoy sunset on the top deck

After the activities outside the train, this is one of the best worshiping places. Lying on a chair, sip wine-flavored cocktails and watch the haonf kiss on the Bay.
Far from the horizon, the clouds are covered in purple and blue, the sun is dyed red on one side of the sea.

Enjoy the space with your loved ones, leaving behind the town’s men. Without non-facebook phones, living in the peace of nature, Halong’s magnificence will make you unforgettable.

Visit Cat Ba Island  belongs to Cat Ba town, Hai Phong. However, when you spend 2 nights sleeping on the boat you will have the opportunity to get to Cat Ba Island.
Cat Ba Island has a biosphere reserve, visitors will witness firsthand the diversity of rich vegetation and animals.
Guests can also ride the bike through the forest canopy to visit Viet Hai village. One day being fishermen, catching seafood and enjoying delicious things caught by yourself.

If you want a quiet place, few tourists, Lan Ha Bay is an ideal choice.
With the structure and landscape similar to Ha Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay has thousands of limestone islands with many small and large guests.
Located in the north of Cat Ba Island, Lan Ha Bay has a clean water surface system. Because of being in the sea, Lan Ha Bay is always clear and suitable for swimming.

If comparing between Ha Long and Bai Tu Long Bay, it will be a Ha Long mother dragon and a dragon named Bai Tu Long. With the geological structure similar to Halong Bay, there is no reason that visitors cannot come here.

Also with limestone mountains with rich flora and fauna systems, large water surface area has created Bai Tu Long Bay to attract tourists. Unlike Ha Long Bay with thousands of ships and yachts, Bai Tu Long Bay has only about 30 ships.
And visitors can enjoy the peaceful and beautiful space here.

All of the best destination on Halong Bay Activity will be make easy for the guest choice and come here to relax. 

Visist Thien Canh Son cave to get inside the Thien Canh Son Cave, visitors must go through a dense forest canopy.
Getting inside, visitors will be amazed by the excitement created by the magnificent cave interior as a beautiful castle.

Ban Chan Beach

If you want a place that can bathe, swim, kayak or eat barbecue on the beach, Ban Chan Beach is the ideal place.

Cong Do Island

With a large area of up to 23 km2, Cong Do is the ideal place for overnight stays. Clear sea water, coral reefs and many freshwater lakes hang on top of mountains.
This is followed by the visits to rich animals and animals such as red-faced gibbons and short