Ha Long Bay – A different perspective

Ha Long Bay – A different perspective – Halong Bay Cruises – Vietnam Premier Travel – Halong Bay overnight on boat – Do kayaking/bamboo boat.

How to know Ha Long Bay – A different perspective

Not only is the landscape unique in the world, with 1960s large and small islands scattered around the Bay. Ha Long is also a place that many tourists enjoy exploring with a model of sleeping on boats in the heart of the Bay. And the experience to try when coming here like kayaking, paragliding, gazing at the bay from high, climbing and swimming, etc.

Discover every corner of the Bay by kayaking

As noted, kayaking in the Bay is a challenge that any visitor wants to try. Alone by a rower, the water crept through the cliffs, touching the stalactites drooping from the ceiling of the cave itself or through the caves. It is a feeling that is not easy to try, it will make visitors feel really happy and full of emotions.
It is no coincidence that the national travel magazine, National Geographic, voted as one of the 25 travel experiences in the world that travelers must try.

Overnight on boat

An emotion that is hard to describe when witnessing everything that moves before us. Extremely calm, but the emotions dance, the majestic natural scenes slowly change gay in front of him.
All the rooms with comfortable and luxurious amenities, full of essentials of a hotel on the shore. For example, Genesis Regal boats, for example, all rooms have large balconies, full glass overflows to make the most of the view.
Will be served 4 meals on the boat, including Vietnamese food, European food, seafood, etc.
There are also many activities when choosing to spend the night on a boat such as kayaking, bamboo boat, Tai Chi practice on the deck, learning to cook and enjoying delicious cocktails.

Paragliding fly over the bay from above

The cost to see the world’s natural heritage is not so expensive as using Sea Plane’s aircraft, so visitors will be comfortable when choosing this service.

Before flying up by the parasol and canoe, visitors must wear a life jacket, and be tightened safely. Feeling lightheaded in midair, the four sides are majestic scenery. Small mountain ranges of limestone are mixed again.

As if to add to the dramatic, sometimes the canoe driver lets you enjoy the “washing your feet” into the cool water in the middle of the sea by slowing down the canoe.

Visit life on the small fishing village

They are people who live on the Bay from generation to generation. Not only were they inhabited, they were like guards of the sea. It’s literally a village with lots of things to do, like schools, clinics, libraries, and even a museum.
Coming here, visitors will have the opportunity to witness firsthand how they do business and live.

Trek Bai Tho with panoramic views of the Bay from above

This is a high mountain but not in the heart of the Bay, it belongs to the mainland. To climb this mountain, visitors must get the permission of the city government. The reason is because it’s quite dangerous, there have been accidents happening here.
However, because of that, visitors do not give up, they will weave through some houses and find their way to the mountain. Once you set foot here, it is not a waste of anyone because the beauty and grandeur of the Bay will be collected in your sight.