Ha Giang unknown things

Ha Giang unknown things – Nature/Adventure Tours – Vietnam Premier Travel. Sleeping at Homestay, trekking to the village, Ma Pi Leng Pass.

What are the Ha Giang unknow things

Ha Giang is a leading land area of VIetnam, with the longest border with China. Where there is Stone Park, Ma Pi Leng mountain pass hangs, rugged, where many ethnic minorities live. The land is still extremely difficult but people are full of affection and simplicity.

Lung Cu Flagpole

is the symbol of this land, the image of a tree that always grows straight and rises high. To come here, visitors have to go through the narrow roads, one side is the cliff, the other is the upland fields. Climb up the stairs 500 steps will see a whole Ha Giang as rushing out ahead. On the other side is the Chinese border, the duwois side is the small little soup lounges, the school of the children who study.

Flower festival.

The idea of ​​coming to Ha Giang is only those cliffs with cat ears standing up, but here are rocks, flowers.
The yellow mustard flower season alternates among the stones, dispelling the cold of winter. The flowering season usually blooms from January to the end of March.
People often give all the flowers and start to wait for the seeds to dry to press the oil. It is also one of the flowers that bring income to ethnic people.
There is also a special kind of flower, which is only beautiful when blooming in this land, which is the Triangle. In each of the rocks, after a cold winter, it is like stirring and rising most strongly. Spread blooming when pink, when red, when white.
Each year in Ha Giang, there is also a flower festival, visitors will see the majestic nature and poetic beauty.

Join the festival in Ha Giang

Many ethnic groups live in the area, so Ha Giang has cultural diversity, many special festivals. Such as the Song Tong festival, the Moon Festival, etc.
Especially, Khau Vai love market takes place only on the 27th of lunar month. Visitors come here to enjoy delicious food, rich in ethnic cultural identity. And it is a place to exchange and love the love stories of young girls and boys.

See the season of ripe rice in Hoang Su Phi

Hoang Su Phi has the most beautiful terraced fields in Ha Giang. Each year, there are two seasons for viewing terraced fields: the flooding season and the ripe rice season.
During the flooding season, small fields glisten like a mirror, reflecting the entire land and sky Su Su Phi. When the rice is ripe, the whole sky is dyed yellow, undulating and fragrant with a new rice fragrance.

Going to highland fair
This is also a unique attraction that any tourist coming here would enjoy as a child. Each highland market has its own beauty, which is not mixed into another market.
The boys and girls in brocade dresses flutter, smiles always shine because they come here not only for business but also for meeting and exchanging.
In the market there are also many specialties of the high mountains, but the bundle of shower leaves or just watching the animation of the market.

Conquer the legendary Ma Pi Leng road

Ma Pi Leng’s name is “horse nose”, literally, describing the ruggedness of the peak, where the slope is so steep that the horse passes to stop breathing; or peaks like the bridge of a horse. Although Ma Pi Leng Pass is not long, it is the most rugged mountain pass in the northern border mountains and is considered as the “king” of Vietnamese passes.
From here, visitors can zoom in the distance, which is the river squeezing through every bend of the majestic mountains, winding around each village.
Each mountain coincides with each other, creating a majestic scenery, where there are small houses nestled on the mountainside, etc.

Experience the life of the H’mong people

Being ethnic minorities, most of them are closely associated with farming life. Tourists can follow them to go up the fields to trim corn and grow maize.
And spending the night at a homestay is a rewarding experience when you come here.