Ha Giang flowers bloom season

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Hightligh of Ha Giang flowers bloom season

The most beautiful place to visit this rocky cat ears mountain is spring, a blazing pink of peach blossom and white of plum blossom.

Visit the small village to do traditional silver craft

About 6 km from the town is a small village, located in Lao Xa village with a famous carving and silver carving business. From afar, tourists could hear the click of silver making tools, but their hands were rough but extremely skillful.
They are artisans who create delicate lines on rings, necklaces or earrings. They beautify the boys and girls, the wedding items that the groom wants to give as a souvenir to the bride.

A major inhabited area of the H’mong people, the roads are remote with many sloping paths and rocky cat ears. But in return, this port has a very majestic and beautiful port. In the middle of the arid land, there are only rocks, but the peach and plum trees have sprung up their fragrance.

The simplicity of the reporting houses

Ha Giang rocky plateau has special topography and geology. It will become very cold in winter and hot in summer.
Because of this type of weather, people here have their own way to avoid heat and cold by the reporter.
These houses have very thick walls, they will have to be very careful and take a long time to build such houses.
It will be warm in the winter and cool in the summer because the thick walls are tightly compacted, and most specifically to mention the Cat King Palace.

Cat King mansion

Also known as the Palace of the King Family, was built in 1898 and completed 9 years later.
With an area of more than 3000m and consumes 150 thousand white silver coins equivalent to 150 billion vnd. 
The Cat King mansion has architectural influences on three cultures: Chinese, Mong and French, designed by a native of Nam Dinh.

The house has 4 horizontal houses, 6 vertical houses, divided into the main house. The middle and the back room with 64 rooms built with 2 floors of green stone walls. Pine walls and roof tiles made from terracotta.

The entrance to the house is made of granite with many carvings, curved roofs, glazed drink, the roof of the gate is made of yin and yang tile roofs, sophisticated carving stations, many patterns.

In Ha Giang, there are many attractive destinations such as Doi Nui, Lung Cu Flagpole. There are also Tam Giac Mach flower festival, Khau Vai love market and Dong Van, Meo Vac towns, etc.