Golden Bridge, must destination have to see

Golden Bridge, must destination have to see – Hue Hoi An 6 day 5 night in Combine.

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Golden Bridge, must destination have to see

Golden Bridge inaugurated in June 2018. Only after 2 months has been a destination of all tourists in Vietnam and outside.
CNN has been voted one of the 10 most wonderful destinations in the world. So what are you waiting for without coming.
Located at an altitude of over 1400 m in Nui Ba Na, 150m long with two stone arms supporting. The parapet is strikingly designed with steel-plated stainless steel frame. The thick wooden walkway will make you extremely comfortable when walking here.
Each step on the Golden Bridge as you take you through the lively scenery, garden clouds around the hair, around the legs.
Everyone must know that this bridge is “living” in Ba Na Hills.

Squeezed over a mountain. The two ends of this bridge are located in Marseille station and Thien Thai flower garden in the Le Jardin d’Amour flower garden.
Here are some information for you to know
• Tickets for adults and children over 1m3 tall: 700,000 VND
• Children from 1m – 1m3: 550,000 VND; For Danang people: 300,000 VND.
• Children under 1 meter high: Free.
• Wax Museum fare: 100,000 VND / adult and children over 1m3.
The creativity of people is amazing! You will definitely return to Da Nang to admire the architectural and artistic works and feel the magic of this livable City.
Apart from the Golden Bridge, must destination have to see

Ba Na Hill with lots of entertainment items that you need to explore.
Linh Ung pagoda Ba Na is one of three famous Linh Ung temples of Da Nang city.

Also known as “Linh Ung spiritual triangle” (together with Linh Ung pagoda Ngu Hanh Son, Linh Ung Son Tra pagoda).

Located in a land with beautiful terrain at an altitude of nearly 1500m above the sea. 

In front of the pagoda there is a special pine tree, the pagoda is the destination of many Buddhists and those who want to find peace. peace of mind.

Linh Ung Pagoda has a statue of the Buddha Thich Ca Mau Ni with a height of 27m meditating on a beautifully carved lotus court.
With a total area of ​​up to 21,000m2 and International standard, Fantasy attracts tourists by strong feeling games such as adventurous climbing. Sliding towers, rotation of the century, King crashing, ghost houses … exempted. fee (Included in the fare).

If you want the “fun” to end, this is an attractive Ba Na Hill tourist destination, follow your friends to play adventure games.

Or if you want to play the game on the computer, just need 2 slots (4,000 VND / play), you can have fun!

French village

Dubbed “Europe on the top of Ba Na”, to the French village, you will be amazed by the architectural style of the nineteenth-century Europe such as ancient buildings, magnificent castles, and close fences.

Gothic style, tiled streets, … designed by the famous French architect. Entering the village, tourists like to get lost in a real France.