Genesis Regal Cruise overview

Genesis Regal Cruise overview – Halong Bay Cruises – Vietnam Premier Travel. Overnight on board, do kayaking/Bamboo boat. Visit Dark & Light cave.

How to know Genesis Regal Cruise overview

With a completely different journey, it has made a highlight in the previous journeys.
Outstanding design of the ship with 3 yellow sails, always full of wind.
3 floors with different designs and uses will make visitors always change their view, do not see the boredom in 2 or 3 days exploring Lan Ha Bay.

Distinctive design

First floor with reception hall, luxurious design, cozy but extremely warm. Right at the entrance is a colorful flower pot to welcome visitors, cool glasses of water, friendly smiles of the ship’s staff will make visitors feel closer.

The first floor is for Junior rooms with large balcony, bathtub and hot and cold shower which is available 24 hours a day.
All rooms have full view, overlooking Lan Ha Bay, with flat-screen TV, wifi with 4G.

Frequency 2 with 6 Senior rooms and 2 Regal Terace Suite rooms. To talk about Senior room with spacious design, 54m2 room size, with spill glass windows, panoramic view of Lan Ha Bay.
All rooms have 24-hour bathtub and water shower. TV, wifi connected to the 4G signal.
Particularly for 2 Regal Terrace Suite rooms with the largest area, 85m2. Arranged 2 sun loungers, tables and change fresh flowers, tropical fruits four seasons daily.

Journey different

Kayaking. Bamboo boat in Light cave and Dark cave. This is a kind of cave with a special structure, the shape of a frog arch. A large part of the cave is deep in the sea, the rest floats on the water to form a dome. Going inside, visitors can see the cave is still in the process of operation and creating stalagmites.
This is probably the thing that attracts and surprises the tourists who come here. Experience kayaking / do the best Bamboo boat when you choose to explore Lan Ha Bay for 2 days 1 night or 3 days two nights

If in the summer, visitors will have more time to relax by jumping from the top of the boat into the clear water of Lan Ha Bay.
Visiting the fishing village to better understand the life of the fishermen, they are just like the guards of the forest and rare animals of Cat Ba forest.

Pick up luxurious, comfortable, All guests staying at the old town area will be staffed embark and disembark. Vehicles are always renewed and create the most comfortable feeling, with wifi connection, bottled water is served. Friendly, enthusiastic and professional guide