Genesis Regal Cruise information

Genesis Regal Cruise information – Lan Ha Bay Cruises – Vietnam Premier Travel. Transfer by limousine Dcar, all meals include. Free kaya. Exlore LanHa Bay and Cat Ba Island.

Highly in Genesis Regal Cruise information.

Ha Long is very famous, but is overcrowded in recent year. And now, a new ‘’passage of dragon’’ has been created to fulfill the enjoyment in the wonder by visiting both of Ha Long and Lan Ha Bay, a mysterious paradise of Tonkin gulf. Very unique itineraries and new attractions would be made to get the different journeys. The Genesis Regal has traditional design with the ultimate luxury, inspired by the royal elegance of the French-Indochine style. All rooms have balconies, bathtubs, super panoramic windows… along with detailed utilities and traditional meticulous decoration. Free Invitation letter

Genesis Regal Cruise information is the first 5-star standard boat cruising on Lan Ha Bay. With 5-storey design with many different items as follows:
The total length is calculated from the bow to the tail up to 65m, 12m wide is meticulously designed in each line.

1st floor of the reception hall.

With the entire design of the first floor of the reception hall entirely of natural wood, glossy brown with striking wood grain lines. Inside the hall, there are many comfortable sofas, welcome to the Genesis Regal by cool water glasses.

Up to frequency 2 is the entire restaurant area is eye-catching and dynamic, with 2 rows of tables arranged neatly, creating comfort for everyone. In the middle of the restaurant is the entire array of beautifully furnished tables with many fresh seafood dishes.
Besides, you can also sit on the table outside the balcony of the restaurant. Enjoying the boat and enjoying the beautiful scenery on Ha Long Bay.

After enjoying lunch on the Regal is the time you check in. A special feature of the Genesis Regal is that all rooms have a private balcony. Each room has a separate bath and shower.
To make the most of the visitors can admire the beauty of Ha Long Bay, all rooms are designed with glass windows pouring from the ceiling to the floor. Ward 2 is the entire Junior room with an area of ​​up to 32m2. Equipped with safety devices such as life jackets, glass breakers and sirens. Convenience and comfort are the top criteria for Genesis Regal to bring you a baby or with all family members, which is Junior connecting room. Everyone is connected and interested in each other. Large area up to 70m2.

The third floor is the entire Sennior and Senior room system connecting room. Large room area, modern bathtub with full hot water 24/24.
What is more special is 2 Regal rooms with huge area up to 55m2. All devices in the room are carefully designed, bringing luxurious beauty.

Inside the room is free wine, tropical fruits and fresh flowers are replaced every day. When you book Regal Cruise, you will receive a special gift with 30 minutes of full body massage.
All rooms have HD TV, wifi, hair dryer, bath towel and many other utilities.
The bar on the 4th floor will make you satisfied with the drinks from all over the world. With the staff working in the beverage industry will bring you delicious cocktails, fine coffee or just a glass of cool coconut water.

After a long day with many activities on the sea like kayaking, visiting caves or cycling around Cat Ba Island, you come to Massage service on Genesis Regal yacht. The skilled staff will serve you wholeheartedly and thoughtfully.
When night falls, it’s time to watch the beautiful sunset on Sundeck. Here you can just watch the sunset fall after the mountains. Or enjoy a drink.

And it is also possible to cook with Vietnamese chefs to cook delicious Vietnamese dishes such as rolls, make an egg coffee, and so on.
A suppressed dinner with candlelight shimmering in the restaurant, melodious piano music or immersing in the melodies of Quan Ho song girls.
Do you want to try the feeling of night squid fishing? Come to Genesis Regal you will do what you like. And you can enjoy the results that I have caught because there are chefs to help you.
And more about Genesis Regal Cruise information  will need you to come and learn more. Come with us for you to have a full vacation on this boat