Explorer Lan Ha Bay

Explorer Lan Ha Bay – Halong Bya Crusies – Vietnam Premier Travel with Genesis Regal Cruise by Kayak include on the price. Do cycling in Cat ba Island and swimming at Ban Chan Beach.

Hightly explorer Lan Ha Bay

Lan Ha Bay is a new destination next to Halong Bay. With geological structure and biosphere similar to Ha Long Bay. With thousands of stone islands with many different shapes made a different Lan Ha to many curious visitors and come here.

Cat Ba has many mini beaches, many beautiful coral reefs, many caves, there are many. Because it belongs to the national park, biosphere reserve.And there are strict reserves that no one can enter.

Ha Long has many dynamics, but there are not many natural beaches. There are no coral reefs, and there is only one cross-shore cave in the three-pit lake. Lan Lan Bay was completely different
Going from Hanoi you will have many ways to get here. First ride from Hanoi to Hai Phong and take a ferry to Cat Ba Island. And of course, we have to go through La Ha Bay. However, seeing the unspoiled beauty of Lan Ha Bay, it is best to book a tour to explore in 2 days.
Genesis Regal cruise is a great choice for you.
Starting from Hanoi by limousine Dcar, after 2 hours and 30 minutes, you are present at Tuan Chau wharf. A special feature of the Genesis Regal is the combination of the journey to visit Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay.

Unlike Ha Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay is each small island with a beach corresponding to that island. And the water is clear and extremely clean. You can jump of to swim as much as you want.
When Lan Ha is not known much more as now, tourists often evaluate Cat Ba or Lan Ha lower not as beautiful as Ha Long Bay.

However, you try to sleep on boat, and especially Genesis Regal will be a great choice for Lan Ha discovery journey. In addition to Monkey Island and Cat Ba Island with wide beaches. However, there are many tourists. Then this boat will take you on another journey to discover Lan Ha Bay completely differently.
First you will cross Ha Long Bay, where there are mountains with many different shapes. Each mountain is attached to people’s images or stories of life. And Lan Ha will gradually appear before her eyes as if lost in an unreal realm.

Kayak is also an indispensable experience when you explore Lan Ha Bay. Stay 1 night on Genesis Regal yacht you will do that. After a peaceful morning buuoir and delicious breakfast on the boat you will be moved to fishing village. The first thing you will learn about the life of the people of the bottle, the life and the lives of the sea. They themselves are also part of the wonderful things that Lan has. You take the Kayak yourself and move to the foot of the mountain, closer to the sea, to the sky and feel like you get into one.