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How to know Explore the lake of Cambodia

Also known as Tonle Sap is the largest natural freshwater lake in Southeast Asia. A special combination of lakes and rivers, providing fresh water to a large area.
This lake was formed more than 5500 BC, due to the collision between the Indian subcontinent and Asia.
In 1997, UNESSCO recognized the biosphere reserve of the world because of its size and size.

The dry season here lasts from November to the end of May, the depth of the lake is only about 1m, the water surface area is narrowed only about 2,700km2.
But in the flooding season is the remaining months, so there are places as deep as 6m, this season is the remaining months from June to the end of October every year. This is the season with the addition of a large amount of water in the Mekong River and is also the source of a large amount of sediment for the fields surrounding this area.

Agent location and life

Cambodian lake is located in Siem Reap province (Sieam Reap) and about 25km from the city center. So visitors can easily travel to Tonle Sap Lake in just one afternoon, taking about 30 minutes by car.

25km from the city center, about 30 minutes away by car, traffic is quite convenient, so the life of the people is quite prosperous.

This is the home of many Vietnamese migrants and Cham people, mainly on floating houses. They are mainly engaged in fisheries and on the river.

In the early years of the 20th century, Vietnamese fishermen followed the country to come here. They are mainly people from the provinces of the Mekong Delta up to the Tonle Sap who came here to live and get married here.

Tourism potential

Due to the characteristics of the river, their people will live on boats that are close to each other. And gradually it became floating villages, also with hospitals, schools, cultural activities but with small squy tissue.

Visiting mangrove forests, Prek Toal bird sanctuary or sleeping 1 night in floating houses is one of the indispensable experiences when coming to Cambodia and especially Tonle Sap – Tonle Sap