Explore Ancient House 87 Ma May

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How to explore Ancient House 87 Ma May 

The Old House of 87 Ma May was formed in the 19th century, characterized by the architecture and lifestyle of the old Hanoi people.

The history of ancient house Experiencing many different owners, however this house retains the original architecture.
Before 1945, the homeowner used the house as a place to trade rice. Later that year a Chinese bought it to sell Chinese medicine, after that year their family emigrated to the South.
From 1954 to 1998 this house had 5 families. And after 1998, the house has been renovated and welcoming visitors.

Ancient architecture 87 Ma May

The total area of the house is 157m2 in the shape of a tube house. Built perpendicular to the street, and the tail of the house larger than before the door. According to the concept that they believe that the back is bigger than the front, the owner will do business and logistics.

The architecture of the house includes: House 1 – Yard 1 – House 2 – Yard 2 – House 3 (toilet and storage)

1st floor: 1st floor for sales – 2nd floor is reception and worship space.
2nd floor: 1st floor is the place to store goods and places for maids; 2nd floor is the owner’s bedroom with a porch, a place to sit and drink tea. The back porch is a traditional medicine drying yard.
Class 3: is toilets and warehouses.

This is considered a typical architecture of traditional houses of Vietnam to get light and catch the wind.

Sills is the boundary between the inside and the outside of the house. It is a typical architecture in the architecture of temples and temples in Vietnam.
It has the effect of preventing dust, keeping the indoor air always cool and the air from escaping.

Kitchen of the house

As a soul in this house, it is a place where people gather to eat after working all day. Coming to the kitchen in the old house, we will see many items from a traditional Vietnamese house, which until now may not be used anymore.

Come up to the 2nd floor for Explore Ancient House 87 Ma May, the visitors will see the traditional culture of the Vietnamese people who worship the dead. They placed a solemn altar in the middle of the house and lit incense to commemorate the deceased on the death anniversary, the first day and the full moon.
And this house also has a place to drink tea on the balcony, also a relaxing place for the owner after a hard working day.