Discover the country of millions of elephants – Laos

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Highlight of Discover the country of millions of elephants – Laos

Dubbed the country of millions of elephants, Laos is a simple and peaceful country. There are no flashy cities like Hong Kong, no cherry blossom seasons like Japan, no long and beautiful beaches like Vietnam but Laos still attracts visitors by the difference.

Usually visitors to Laos from Vietnam, there are direct flights from Hanoi or from Ho Chi Minh City. After more than 2 hours of flying, visitors will arrive in the beautiful and peaceful city of Vietiane.
Can see a miniature Paris by a “triumphal arch” Patuxay or Pah That Luong is the symbol of this country.
And there are outstanding yellow temples scattered throughout the small streets. And striking architecture, ancient temples of Khmer-style temples meticulously and colorfully.

The country has not had a boom in tourism, so travelers who want to enjoy peaceful space is an ideal choice. There is no bustle, music bars playing all night or pubs.

A romantic day in Vang Vieng

Located 150km from the capital of Laos, Vang Vieng is poetic and peaceful. There are games that attract adventurous travelers like kayaking, hot air balloons, bungee jumping, zipline.
However, there are small corners for those who love the quiet, watching the sunset and sunrise on the Nam Song River. And also a hobby that not everyone dares to try is going balloon colorful. Feeling hovering on the peaks, watching the meandering river or the immense green fields.

Once the capital of Laos, the ancient capital of Luang Prabang has a colorful and ancient coat on it. The houses are carefully preserved, with ancient colors bringing visitors to a different world, peaceful to simple and romantic.
As a unique country in Southeast Asia, there is no sea, but the rivers are peaceful, beautiful and poetic. It looks like a bloody alluvial Mekong River, bringing abundance to the land and people here.
Sit by riverside pubs and enjoy cool Lao beers. Eat and drink like the locals can to see them as one of the happy, gentle people.