Destinations in Danang

Destinations in Danang – Package Vietnam Tours – Vietnam Premier Travel. Visit Golden Bridge, BaNa Hill, Dragon Bridge, Han River.

The best destinations in Danang

Voted as the most livable city of Vietnam, Danang has a long coastline, clean water. Especially, there is Bana Hill entertainment area, many delicious dishes and friendly and hospitable people.

Han river bridge

Han River Bridge crosses the city, the two sides of the bridge are a lively rhythm, and the pride of every person here.
With a rotating bridge and also a 90-degree rotation, the middle of the split bridge is halved and rotated along the river flow to create safety when the ship passes by.
Afternoon strolling along the two banks of the river is a great time for all nhwungx who have time to come here.

And along the banks of the river are delicious cafes and ideal views. People are hospitable, friendly and warm.

Since ancient times, Hai Van Pass has been included in the literary works of Vietnam. It is not only impressed by its majestic beauty, but the road is also extremely dangerous and dangerous. Nowadays, traffic development, Hai Van boat is an indispensable stop for every tourist. From the top of the pass, looking down is a green color of the East Sea, of immense forest leaves. The roads crossing the ridge like soft bibs add to the charm of Hai Van Pass.

Invisible Hai Van Pass is the boundary dividing the climate between the two regions. The South is the rainy and dry season, the North is the temperate. The higher you go, the cooler the air and the steam will make visitors feel more comfortable.

My Ke Beach

This is one of the most beautiful and attractive beaches among the beautiful beaches in Danang. And also the beach voted by Forbes magazine for travelers to choose luxury and luxury for their stay.
Traffic to My Khe beach is favorable, white sand beach running long, sunshine, the wave level is suitable for sports activities.
There are also luxury villas and hotels with beach full views.

The length of My Khe beach is 900 m long with smooth white sandy beach, warm water all year round, suitable for swimming and kayaking activities. There are rows of green and four-season coconut trees all year round

Ngu Hanh Son Marble Mountains

Located 8km from Danang center, in Hoa Vang district, Ngu Hanh Son mountain, also known as Hon Non Nuoc, is known to many domestic and international tourists.
Located on top of limestone mountain with an area stretching over 2km on many different rocky peaks. Each peak has its own name such as Hoa Son, Thuy Son, Tho Son, Moc Son, Kim Son. From here, visitors can feel each of them has its own unique beauty. The most beautiful is the peak of Thuy Son mountain, shining like 3 stars in the windy night sky.

Rong Bridge

Built on the occasion of the 38th anniversary of founding Danang, with inspiration from the dragon of the Ly dynasty. Meaning a strong cattle reaching out to the wide sea.
Dragon Bridge owns 6 lanes, 37.5m wide and 666m long painted with 5 layers of antioxidant paint.
Every weekend, the city government often organizes festivals around the bridge, spewing fire creating an extremely attractive highlight