Destination to replace Sapa

Destination to replace Sapa – Mai Chau Adventure – Trekking tours. Transfer from Hanoi by bus in 3 hours. Overnight at Homestay. Tour guide, meals, trekking tours included.

How to know the Destination to replace Sapa

Nature and people

Come to Pu Luong at any time of the year, you can see with your own beautiful terraced fields. In the season of young rice, Pu Luong seems to be wearing a cool green color, running far away from the feet. Or in the season of ripe rice, Pu Luong is brilliantly yellow.
At a height of over 1,700m above sea level and also under the National Forest Reserve, the landscape at Pu Luong still remains the same wildness and no mix of a noisy society outside.

Vietnam has a total of 53 ethnic groups living. And in Pu Luong, mainly Muong and Thai Den and Thai Trang people. That makes Pu Luong’s culture imbued with national identity.
The folk dance and dancing of ethnic girls are always an extremely attractive destination for near and far tourists.

Special things in Pu Luong

Food in Pu Luong is characterized by mountains and forests. With fried and baked dishes, marinated from spices, only Pu Luong. Wild boar dish.

The pork is delicious after being marinated and baked on the firewood stoves of pink, chicken and fish are also grown by people in the village so the meat is very soft and fragrant.

Small waterfalls in the Pu Luong National Park area are also a must-see destination in the journey to discover Pu Luong.
Waterfall with a height of over 800 m white foam. Waterfalls are often clear and very clean in the dry season. It is also possible to hear the rumble of a waterfall from afar, it is in the rainy season. Waterfalls add water from the groundwater in the forest, accumulate for a long time and then pour into Waterfall.