Dau Go Cave in Halong Bay

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Overview of Dau Go Cave in Halong Bay

Established 2 million years ago, with a 17m high, 5000m2 wide and 12m high.
Dau Dau Cave exudes an ancient beauty, wild and quiet with many columns, stalactites and stalagmites, all soaring up.
Because of the cave, so inside the cave is high humidity, which is followed by a rich flora and fauna. Especially the ancient plants like moss, ferns and woody plants.
Dau Go cave is different from other caves in Ha Long Bay, because it is divided into 3 compartments. The first compartment is related to the outside life with the shapes of pythons, tigers and elephants. The second compartment is like a monumental picture meticulously carved by nature. The third compartment with giant stone pillars, is both coarse, strong, and soft with the motifs surrounding it.

The meaning of the Cave

There are legend stories associated with Dau Go cave as follows:
Story 1: From the time of the war with the Yuan army, General Tran Hung Dao has allowed troops to hide large wooden trees inside the cave. After the tide recedes, it will be hidden in the riverbed to build a battlefield to destroy the enemy soldiers. It is also a testament to the glorious feat of the militia and army 7 centuries ago.
Story 2: Because Dau Go Cave has a bow shape, every stormy season is a shelter and anchorage for avoiding storms. Or after a long time fishing, they come here to reinforce the boats so there is a lot of wood left here.
Story 3: From a distance, Dau Go Cave appears as the image of a giant tree, so they gave the people such a name.