Dalat information from A to Z

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Considered as a miniature Netherlands of Vietnam, where the climate is cool all year round, many low hills and green pine hills.

How to know of Dalat information from A to Z

1500m above sea level, there is no summer all year round but it is not cold enough to snow.
And this is also the place where many of the most popular and luxurious resorts. And what’s even more interesting is that a Da Lat has no traffic lights, no traffic police in public areas.

And also the city without a pedicab, a hotel with no air conditioning, no staying up late, and no local newspaper.

The best time for coming

Unlike other areas of Vietnam, visitors can come here at any time of the year. Each season has its own beauty, because the cool year-round atmosphere is followed by people and the scenery is also great. February to April every year is the time around Xuan Huong Lake in full bloom, rows of purple phoenix trees blooming and reflecting by the lake.

The sudden summer rains come and go which bring Dalat great aftertaste. And it seems to make the waterfalls clearer and more flattering when the sun stands. And that was when August came, the stream flowing noisily day and night, launching white foam. Visitors can pour Pren Falls, Pongour Falls, Dambri Falls, etc.

When October, November and December return is the whole sky with blue clouds floating. In the hillside there were wildflowers blooming brightly and brightly in the sunlight, and there were still mimosa blooms on the aisle. It can be said that these months seem to be more brilliant in Dalat because there are hundreds of types of coughing. These are the fields of white mustard flowers, sunflowers, rose garden, and grass fields, etc.

How to transfer here

As a high mountain or literally highland, coming here is also extremely easy. And it is a key tourist area so there are many ways to come here.
Dalat has Lien Khuong International Airport, about 45 minutes from the city by car. Every day there are many trips to and from, so extremely convenient.
Traveling by motorbike, is also quite romantic because along the way visitors can stop at many points.

The most famous waterfall