Cong Do Island in Bai Tu Long Bay

Cong Do Island in Bai Tu Long Bay – Halong Bay Crusies – Vietnam Premier Travel. Overnight on board, do kayaking in Cong Do, visit Thien Canh Son cave

Overview about Cong Do Island in Bai Tu Long Bay

In Ha Long Bay or Bai Tu Long Bay, there are thousands of big and small limestone islands. Each island whether there are trees, different or lower elevations also has its own beauty and voice.

Being a part of the world natural heritage area, Cong Do Island has a large area of up to 23,363 km2. There are peaks up to 172m high and here are nature creating high-winding, meandering and extremely beautiful lakes.

More infomation about this island

With diverse and conserved ecosystems, there are also coral reefs up to 700m long and up to 300m wide. And especially there are extremely rare types such as red corals, horn corals, with many species of ornamental fish, seahorses living in this underground ecological zone.
Van Don island district area still has many traces of ancient port trade. Although traces are sparse, this area has proven an important position in the trade with foreign ships.

In addition to Cong Do Island, there is Cong Tay Island which is also in the strictly protected area of ​​the World Heritage Organization. Located in Quan Lan area, about 90 minutes from Cam Pha town, about 30 minutes by high speed train.
With such attractive destinations, here, the responsible authorities have many businesses serving tourists to come here to relax. And there are many options for every traveler when choosing Cong Do Island as a resort for 2 days 1 night.

Guests can refer to a number of cruise ships exploring Bai Tu Long Bay such as Huong Hai Sealife, Emperor Cruise or the Viola Cruise.