Why chose Lan Ha Bay

Why chose Lan Ha Bay – Halong Bay Cruises – Vietnam Premier Travel. Do kayak full time, food include, transport pick up and drop off. 01 night or 2 nights sleep on boat.

The season for why chose Lan Ha Bay

1 – There are not many boats and many tourists like Ha Long Bay. Sea water still retains clean, many small beaches with white sand.

2 – Easier and more convenient means of transportation in Halong Bay. The maximum time is only 2.5 hours on the highway, only 17 to 20 people. On the car also serves drinking water and free wifi.

3 – With topography and geology like Ha Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay is always quiet. There are more than 300 stone islands large and small, rich flora has made Lan Ha smothered like Ha Long Bay.

The activity for why chose Lan Ha Bay

With over 100 clean beaches and white sand suitable for bathing, snorkeling and watching coral. And also the ideal place for kayaking and bamboo sailing.

Coming to Lan Ha Bay, the first point to stop is Cat Dua Island or Monkey Island.
The reason it is named because there are many monkeys living here. Guests can rest here, visit animals and feed monkeys. However, be careful not to joke with them that can endanger yourself.

A few suggestions for the best cruise ship to explore Lan Ha Bay

With 20 rooms that are luxuriously designed and adhering to the tradition of Vietnam will bring the ball to the most comfortable. Each room has an area of up to 45m2 with full furniture and equipment in the room.
On the 2-day-1-night journey, the Genesis Regal will take you from one surprise to another. Besides the delicious food, beautifully decorated Genesis Regal will race you to Lan Ha Bay. Visit and experience the most beautiful and unique things that nature bestows on Lan Ha Bay.

Sealife Legend is designed in a modern way. 3 floors with all rooms have a balcony. Delicious food, friendly and enthusiastic staff. Lan Ha discovery journey will take visitors to the beautiful destinations of Lan Ha Bay

And there are many more other ships that in many reasons why chose Lan Ha Bay such as Peony, Orchid, etc.