Central Vietnam

The Central Region is hidden in many beautiful landscapes and destinations such as Hoi An Ancient Town, My Son St. And especially Son Doong Cave, Nhat Le Sea and Ba Na Hill.

Central Vietnam, the best destination in Vietnam

Located in the center of Vietnam map, Central tourism attracts tourists by many factors. Long beach and emerald green water. Many beaches are among the most beautiful beaches in the world.
And there are also many famous landscapes such as Ba Na Hill, Hoian Old Town or My Son Holy Land.

Limestone terrain is typical in central Vietnam. With long mountains and medium altitudes, many unique cave systems have formed.
And obviously it is Quang Binh area, with a series of unique and unique findings in the world.
Hang Son Dong is such a typical example.

The road to the cave is dangerous and goes through many different types of terrain.Dry cave, wet cave, open cave and hidden cave are all things that attract the curiosity of scientists and visitors.

1 week to explore of the central Vietnam.

– Paradise cave  belongs to Phong Nha, Ke Bang National Park. The cave is up to 31.2 km in length and was first discovered by the Royal British Cave Association.
The cave is divided into several compartments with wet and dry morphology. 

Thien Duong cave is opened and welcomes domestic and foreign tourists.

– Ba Na Hills & Visit Gilden Bridge

From Da Nang, visitors will have the opportunity to see the panoramic view of Ba Na Hills.
From Ba Na Mountain visitors will be involved in adventure games, mixed with the sea of clouds. Set foot on the famous Golden Bridge, immerse in the classical French architectural space.
Sip great wine in a wine cellar brewed for hundreds of years between the top of the mountain.