Cathedral Church in Hanoi Old Quarter

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Overview of Cathedral Church in Hanoi Old Quarter

According to many documents still to this day, Hanoi Cathedral is built on the ground of Bao Thien chau. The Northern Governor, Governor Raoul Bonnal, who witnessed the transfer of the land, wrote in Au Tonkin that the Governor-General Nguyen Huu Do tried to win the heart of the bishop by reasoning that the temple had collapsed and found no posterity. descendants of the founder of the temple should have demolished and transferred the land to the church.

Architectural building

The design of the Hanoi Cathedral is based on the medieval European style of the Gotic architecture, most popular in the 12th century. It is also modeled after the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.
The arched roof is wide and facing skyward, terracotta brick walls and plastered with mulch paper. With two bell towers on both sides 31.5m high, 20.5m wide, 64.5m high and has a stone cross made on the top of the church roof.

With 3 separate paths to the inside, the doors are sharpened in Gothic art to get natural light.
However, the interior design is still influenced by traditional folk art. The sanctuary is carved with patterns, painted with delicate gold lacquer. In the middle of the hall is a statue of Giesu cross made of terracotta up to 2m high.

The special thing inside the church is the bell set worth 20,000 francs, and there is also a large clock placed in the middle of the facade, it is associated with 5 hanging bells to tell the time, the inscription.

The mother of God is cast in metal placed in front of the church, behind there is a stone cave. Exterior items such as flower tubs and corridors are changed and decorated according to every major holiday of Hanoi

The main activities

In addition, the church also hosts the holy procession of the Patriarch of the Archdiocese of Hanoi, Saint Giesu on March 19 every year.
This is also a place where many tourists come to visit and learn about its architecture and long history of development.