Best thing to do in Lan Ha Bay

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What are the Best thing to do in Lan Ha Bay 

Swimming is the best option on the list of the best thing to do in lan Ha Bay. Summer to swim is an indispensable word when you come to Ha Long Bay and especially Lan Ha Bay.
Lan Ha Bay belongs to the complex of Ha Long Bay with natural and extremely clean beaches.
Twice a day up and down the tide, it is invisible that all the beaches here are washed. Small, natural beaches and fine white sand are ideal places for tourists to enjoy swimming and sunbathing.

Kayak is an indispensable sport activity in the journey to discover Lan Ha Bay for 2 days and 1 night on the yacht. Especially for Genesis Regal cruise.
The different itinerary will take you to the wild and deserted places. From here guests can themselves khmas break Lan Ha Bay in their own way.
Go kayaking to enjoy the beauty of Lan Ha Bay closer, paddle through the small islands, immerse yourself in nature.
And it is also an ideal time for visitors to visit the floating and old fishing village on Lan Ha Bay. They are the people who stick to life on the Bay, the best Cat Ba forest guards.

Sleep one night on the boat to get the night squid experience. Become a true fisherman when you are able to catch fresh, raw squid. And the chef on the train will help you enjoy your achievements. Taste the freshness of squid, lie on the moon, stars on the sundeck is an unforgettable experience. Genesis Regal will be one of the boat on Lan Ha Bay.

Cat Ba National Forest is strictly protected, is a place to store the precious and rare genetic resources of the world. You will come here, walk through the old forest, witness firsthand the rare and precious animals. Bike ride through Viet Hai fishing village, enjoy Cat Ba’s produce and maybe you will become a real fisherman in a day. Do you want it, come and discover it right away, we are honored to serve you.