Ban Gioc waterfalls, the best destination in the Northeast Vietnam

Ban Gioc waterfalls, the best destination in the Northeast Vietnam. With a large area, about 100m wide and up to 70m high, lies between the border with China.

The highly of Ban Gioc watterfalls

Ban Gioc waterfall is one of the most high and wide waterfalls in Vietnam. Ban Gioc Waterfall is located in the Northeast, 400 km from Hanoi.
Ban Gi waterfall is the most beautiful in the autumn when the water is clear and the weather is pleasant with lime. There is a lot of water flowing from the waterfall to the summer.

Things to know when you come to Ban Gioc Waterfall.

The only way to get here is by road. You can go to bus station, Hanoi – Cao Bang or take motorbikes and cars.
Located 400 km from Hanoi, you need to start a little early to avoid traffic jams and to move more smoothly.
Ban Gioc has not yet developed strongly in tourism but the wild and majestic landscape attracts many visitors here. From far away, the waterfall falls and the white foam erases an area that will make nature always green and fresh.

Ban Gioc Waterfall has two separate seasons: rainy and dry season. As the beginning of the article mentioned, Ban Gioc will come back into the great area and keep it in the rain when the color comes back. from the peak of the waterfall was overflowing and white foam was released. Water from the headwaters flows, merges and flows.
The dry season lasts from October to the end of April, this is the most beautiful Thac Ban Gioc season. Clear and peaceful water like white silk strips extending from the gentle waterfall peaks down to the stream.
The two sides are lush four-season plots like being irrigated with water here. People seem to be more peaceful and hospitable.
The specialties of this land are also extremely diverse and delicious. Because of the common border with China, the cuisine also has some influence like the fragrant roasted duck dish and the smell of honey-hook leaves. Or very attractive 7-color sticky dish made from forest leaves.
The dancing dance, the umbrella dance or the charming melody of Tay boys and girls are attractive and the tourists are near and far to come to Ban Gioc Waterfall which is beautiful and majestic.