Bai Tho Mountain, little known things

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Highlight of Bai Tho Mountain, little known things

Also known as the “Telescope” of the city by the Bay, 200m high and located in the heart of the city.
Has gone into poetry and recorded history, the mountain of poems, the autographs of the military, the poet still remains to this day.

In the past, this mountain was called Illuminated mountain because it was a high mountain. Whenever the invaders came, the soldiers often set fire to the citadel from that name.

The history

The mountain was associated with the cause of building and defending the country in the 1228s. On the stale it is inscribed “from this mountain, thousands of years ago, it was an important guard of the Northeastern border of the country. At night, the guards latched the signal lights, showing the way for the boats to dock.

In 1468, King Le Thanh Tong sent troops to practice on the Bach Dang River was moved by the sight of the mountains, the beautiful nature made poems and engraved on the mountain. From there, Truyen mountain was renamed De Tho mountain or Bai Tho mountain. And now has become a special national monument, protected by the state.

Many years later, when Lord An Do Vuong Trinh Cuong walked here this week, he sketched the poem of King Le with a seven-word poem.
And also at this peak, in 1930 the flag from the meaning of the flag flew as a symbol of hope and victory over the yoke of the French army.

Excellent check-in point from above

There are many different options when traveling to Ha Long Bay, but for a panoramic view, please climb to the top of this mountain. Ha Long far away undulating in the mountains, sometimes hidden in the morning dew, sometimes bright, turquoise.
Across the mountain is the vibrant Ha Long city, the majestic Queen Cable Car, the Sun’s rotation will make the journey to explore Ha Long Bay even more wonderful.