Ba Be Lake, the convergence of earth and sky, clouds and mountains.

Ba Be Lake, the convergence of earth and sky, clouds and mountains. Ba Be Lake is the three branches of the converging river that forms. They are Pé Lũng, Pé Lù, Pé Lèng rivers, people here called Slam Pé, which means 3 tanks.

Beautiful view of Ba Be Lake

Over 200 million years with the changes of the earth, merging 3 river branches to create a beautiful Ba Be Lake today.

With over 5 million cubic meters of fresh water on the top of limestone mountains, hundreds of meters deep. 

Ba Be Lake is one of the 20 largest natural freshwater lakes in the world. And with that, diverse vegetation and animals still preserved rare species, it is Ba Be national forest.

A place to store and preserve rare and precious animals recorded in the world’s red book.

To get to Ba Be Lake we have many ways to go. Located more than 230km from Hanoi in the Northeast, it only takes 3 hours to drive to Hanoi – Thai Nguyen highway. Or you can rent a self-driving car at a much cheaper cost.
Coming to Ba Be Lake, there are many places for you to stay. The hotel has many different types of cheap, with full TV, wifi, hot and cold shower. However, most tourists choose to stay at homestay.
When staying at a homestay, it is also very interesting because most of them are located in the center of lake. So you can be happy here and still can look away to see the lake.

Ba Be Lake Cultural

The people here are mostly Tay people so the culture here they still preserve the original so you will get to know their life more when you sleep at there.

You will have the opportunity to cook and chat with them. To better understand the life here.
The new day to Ba Be Lake with a thin mist is the water surface, the light breeze makes the lake ripple.

The bamboo raft or the rustic wooden boat on the Lake is an interesting swucs. The Tay girls in the green suit will take you on the lake. Watching the four sides with a green color of the mountains, of the tall trees illuminating the lake.

The water surface of Ba Be Lake is always green eyes because the surrounding trees are cool and watered all year round. The smell of flowers and smog will intertwine and make you feel relaxed and gentle.
The food of the people here is also extremely rich and imbued with national identity such as sticky rice cake. Thick cake or delicately prepared dishes from sweet corn.

Have you been able to eat grilled bamboo fish, please join us on Ba Be Lake, the gathering place of the sky and mountains and enjoy it together.