Ba Be Lake in Bac Kan

Ba Be Lake in Bac Kan, the 10th largest freshwater lake in the world – Vietnam tour package – Vietnam Premier Travel. Vietnam Tour Package.

Overview of Ba Be Lake in Bac Kan

One of the 100 largest natural freshwater lakes in the world, located in the Bac Kan commune, located in Bac Kan National Park.

The lake was formed more than 200 million years ago. The creation of the continental Southeast Asia in the late Cambrian period, brought a huge body of water with a surface area of approximately 5 million m2 and a thickness of more than 30m on the middle of limestone mountains, creating Ba Be Lake. The three branches of the connecting lake are called Pé Lam, Pé Lu and Pé Lèng.

Has biodiversity, geology, morphology, is the largest natural freshwater lake in Vietnam.
In 1995, Ba Be Lake was ranked and needs to be protected by its specialty, recognized as Asian Heritage Garden in 2004.

The basic data of the lake

High above sea level up to 145m, the water surface area is 650 ha. The lake is almost 8km long, and has a knot in the middle of the lake. Four around the lake bed is surrounded by limestone mountains with many caves and underground streams.
Many areas have depths up to 20-25m, but in the dry season only depths from 5 to 10m.
There are three main rivers that supply water to the lake, so the amount of the lake is relatively stable, which is the source of agricultural irrigation water for the whole area.

Every year, on January 11, there is a caged festival of mountainous ethnic people. There are two small islands emerging in the middle of the lake, they are An Ma and Ba Wid Island.

The legend of the lake

A long, long time ago, there was a Buddhist worship festival in Nam Mau village called Invaluable. There was an old beggar, a filthy, filthy person who came to beg but everyone chased away.
But among them was a man with a son, no husband sent home, ate and gave the old woman a nap.
At midnight my mother and I suddenly heard a rumble by the granary, opening our eyes to see it was a Giao Long stirring. They are terrified and do not believe their eyes. The next morning, they found the old lady still in the same place.

The old woman told her mother and daughter that she was only pleasing the villagers. And before they disappeared they were told by the old lady that there was going to be a cataclysm about to sweep the whole village. Their mother and daughter went to warn the villagers but they did not believe it. The night came where water came from. Only the house of the mother and the son of the other country arrived, the floor was so high. Unable to watch the villagers drown, they dropped two husks that the old lady bestowed into two big boats to save the villagers.
The whole village was submerged and turned into 3 large lakes called Ba Be Lake