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How all information La Vang Sanctuary

Located 60 km north of Hue, La Vang Sanctuary is considered to be the center of the Holy Mother of the Vietnamese Catholic Church.
There are two faults coming from Hue City about 5km apart, the road is quite wide so visitors can visit so it is quite easy to come here.

La Vang has many different meanings, it can be understood in many ways as follows:
Since the time of Lord Nguyen, during the reign of King Canh Thinh of the Tay Son, there was an anti-Catholic policy, so these followers fled to this mountainous region to hide.
Or can also understand this is a remote area, mountains and forests so to easily communicate with each other, they often have to call each other out loud, shout. And that word is La Vang.
Or there are books that say that when parishioners were sick, then Mary appeared and showed them cahs to find a cure. And we can find a leaf called “Leaves”, written without accents and can now be read La Vang.
After all, with any story or hypothesis about it, you should try once to come here to admire the beauty here.

The legend of Our Lady of La Vang epiphany

e reign of Canh Thinh (ascended the throne in 1792), with the decree of a ban on August 17, 1798, a number of believers were near the hill of Dinh Cat (now the town). Quang Tri commune) have to find a place to hide. They took refuge in La Vang mountains.
In the sacred forest of poisoned water, the plight, the lack of food, the sickness, the fear of the army, the fear of the wild animals, the believers only know how to trust in God and the Blessed Mother. They often gather under a big banyan tree, pray, comfort and help each other together.

One day, while they were praying the Blessed Mother together, they saw a beautiful woman, a wide cloak, a hand holding the Child of the Child, two angels holding flanking lamps on both sides. They immediately recognized the Virgin Mary. She showed kindness, affection, and comfort to the laity.
She taught to pick a kind of leaves available around it, cooking water to heal the diseases. Mother promised again: “I have accepted your prayers. From now on, anyone who comes to implore her in this place will receive the blessing of their will. “

After that, she appeared many times to support and comfort her children in the affliction.

Since then the event of Our Lady appeared in the mountains of La Vang forest, through the generations was spread everywhere. And many people who sincerely believe and pray to Mother are blessed according to their wishes. Our Lady of La Vang is often symbolized by a woman wearing a Vietnamese traditional dress.

Typical projects in the grounds of the Holy Land

The Bell Tower of the Basilica of Our Lady of La Vang now has only ruins. It was devastated by the war in 1972, it was built in 1924 and completed after 5 years.

And also in what is considered to be the Virgin Mary near the old banyan tree, a monumental monument has been built. Our Lady still carries the image of a Vietnamese woman, wearing a long dress and holding the baby, a gentle face.

And inside the sanctuary is a large square area, with 14 sculptures, depicting the austerity of Jesus.

There is also a well where believers come here to take a sip of water to pay homage to Our Lady. Many people believe that this well can also cure diseases in the body.

La Vang pilgrimage festival (palanquin La Vang)

Every three years after the tile church was built here they often hold a pilgrimage festival. This festival is also known as the “Kieu” or La Vang Festival.

This is also considered the biggest festival of Vietnamese Catholic people, every year more than half a million people flock here. And this is also considered the most attractive destination for every domestic and foreign tourists to visit and learn.