All information about Mui Ne of Vietnam

All information about Mui Ne of Vietnam – Vietnam Tours Package – Vietnam Premier Travel. Visit White and Red sands by Jeep.

What are all information about Mui Ne of Vietnam

Mui Ne has a long coastline, many sand hills that change with each day. Here visitors enjoy the cool air, long coastline and lush green.
Mui Ne is located 10km from the city center, so traveling here is also very convenient. Coastal life of fishermen is also an attraction for tourism in Mui Ne.

Enjoy the waves in Hon Rom Beaches

One of the most beautiful beaches in Mui Ne is Hon Rom, which is still connected to the mainland. Rom Island has Rom Island 1 and 2 with an area of up to 17 km bearing the symbolic color of a special grass growing wild here.

With pristine beauty and fresh air, Hon Rom 1 and 2 have attracted many tourists who come here to relax and surf.

Fairy Stream

Remove your shoes and walk barefoot through a clear stream and deep water only through your ankles, which is Suoi Tien.
Fairy Spring is located near Hon Rom Island with incredible scenery like only in the virtual world. one side is lush green forest, the other is a red sand hill. The two worlds are separated by a small and green stream that only Mui Ne has.

Sand skating at Red Sand Dunes

Attract thousands of visitors to the Red Sand Dunes because of the uniqueness here. One side is a red sand hill with many peaks and different heights, on the other is a small stream of cool blue water.
The color of the sand dunes here changes with the time the sun sets, when crimson when yellow or light yellow.

Taking off your shoes and walking barefoot in the sand, sliding from the top to the bottom of the hill will make every visitor here excited.
Each year at Red Sand Dune, there are many activities such as motorbike racing, jeep, etc.

See Mui Ne from a hot air balloon high above

From the hot air balloon, visitors will be able to watch the small streams winding around the sand hill. Fishing villages cluttered with casuarina ranges, fishing boats fluttering in waves.
Flying balloon is held regularly here, every visitor can join to enjoy the exciting feeling.
There are two types of balloons, for 6 to 8 people. The price for each 1 hour flying average from 165usd. And it also depends heavily on the weather in each flight.

One day as a fisherman in Mui Ne.

Located 7km north of Mui Ne town, Mui Ne fishing village is located on the beautiful and peaceful coast. Every season when the sea comes back, the boat is full of shrimp and fish will lie close together to form a beautiful row of boats. Visitors can come here to enjoy fresh fish and shrimp, and visit the daily life here.