About the sacred land of Yen Tu and Halong Bay

About the sacred land of Yen Tu and Halong Bay – Halong Bay Cruises – Vietnam Premier Travel – Overnight on boat – Do kayaking/Bamboo boat.

How to know about the sacred land of Yen Tu and Halong Bay

Located on a high mountain 1000m above sea level, where King Tran Nhan Tong gave up the throne to practice mountain and founded Truc Lam Yen Tu Zen. After defeating the Yuan Mong army twice, the Emperor Hoang Tran Nhan Tong (1258 0 1308) went to Yen Tu mountain to practice and to live the rest of his life on the mountain.

Road to heaven

To climb to the top of the mountain with Dong Pagoda every day with wind and fog, visitors have to go through many different roads.
First we need to go through the winding mountain roads, flanked by bamboo forests and bamboo structures.
Next is to step on the roads created by many coniferous roots floating on the ground.
It accidentally created beautiful steps and easy to step on. WATER from the rock crevices down from the top of the mountain, murmuring with every step.
Hoa Hien Spring is a place where the women often go to the stream to bathe, the water is clear and soft and gurgling.

Yen Tu mountain viewed from below

There are many different mountain floors if visitors look from the bottom up, and each mountain floor has a different color. The higher the floor, the more tinted space is faded, cloudy sky.

The way go up to the mountain

There are two ways to reach the top, either by yourself or using the cable car.
Each way can have different views of this sacred Mount Yen Tu.
Visitors have good health and time, the best way is to climb the mountain yourself. Following small trails, the steeper the climb, the harder it is to climb and slightly slippery. But in return, it is a great feeling to gradually conquer this mountain.

Along the way, there are many temples in the complex of monuments for visitors to worship and worship Buddha. They are To tower, Mot Mai pagoda, Hoa Yen pagoda, Giai Oan pagoda, Suoi bath pagoda, Buddha stele, Heaven gate, Dong pagoda, Bao Hoang Tran Nhan Tong Buddha statue …
Occasionally, tourists may hear the flapping of the flute of the blind beggar or the birds calling from the mountain.

The second way is to use a cable car, which is also an interesting way when everything is left behind. Beyond the dense wooded floors, cross the clouds and wind to reach Hoa Hien pagoda.
And continue the journey to reach Dong Pagoda still have many more steps to touch the temple made of copper.

Which season is the best?

Located in the North of Vietnam, the weather here also has 4 seasons, spring, summer and autumn. However, this is a mountainous area facing the sea so it has a slightly different sub-climate type.
When winter comes, the sea breeze blows in but the forest canopy is prevented so that the weather is warm, the average temperature ranges from 15 to 18 degrees.
And especially, summer is a great place to stop here, can stay overnight or go back in the day. Under the big trees, is an ideal place to catch the cool breeze. Lots of trees so the atmosphere is extremely pleasant.
So no matter the season, visitors should come to Yen Tu sacred land once, never to forget the scenery here.