5 reasons to come to Lan Ha Bay

5 reasons to come to Lan Ha Bay – Halong Bay Crusies – Vietnam Premier Travel – Halong Bay overnight on crusie – Do kayaking/bamboo boat.

Highlight of 5 reasons to come to Lan Ha Bay

Speaking of Vietnam, all think of Ha Long Bay, with thousands of impressive rocky islands. Because of that, it became obvious and increasingly crowded.
And not everyone knows that, next door there is a great alternative, that is Lan Ha Bay.
So what is there, what is different and different to attract customers, is a completely new destination that not everyone can update.

With over 400 named stone islands, it is a close neighbor of Ha Long Bay and extremely attractive and beautiful. And the special thing here is the countless rocky islands with small beaches and extremely clean.

So what is the reason for choosing

It is always quiet and few tourists
Because it is not widely known, visitors should take advantage of the opportunity to see the Lan Ha Bay in the most complete way.
There are only a few fishing boats of the fishermen, some of which serve tourists. And it is important that this area over 50km2, including Cat Ba archipelago. The place has flora and fauna covering a large area.
Only a handful of organizations have brought guests here with licenses, proving that they can afford to be licensed. That means outside the landscape, visitors will enjoy good and professional service, also considered the most peaceful destination, free from the crowded and crowded

Fresh air, less pollution
Because of the desolation here, the air is not polluted by smoke, oil, etc. The sea water is clear, there is no floating trash and visitors can swim in the small beaches scattered around the Bay.

Many interesting activities
With lots of exciting activities from swimming, kayaking, caving, biking and climbing. And one thing that visitors are sure to experience is diving, they show that the water here must be extremely clean.

Even more beautiful than Ha Long Bay
Because there are not too many tourists, when choosing kayaking, no one will obscure the view. So is a majestic scenery right before your eyes, without any pollution, clean beach with golden sand.

An absolute relaxing space
Regardless of who you are, how much you can afford it, Lan Ha Bay is the first choice you must have. And Lan Ha Bay is definitely for those who are looking for tranquility, beautiful space, clean and clean environment.
We also have a variety of trains to bring guests here, including the Genesis Regal cruise which is the most special.