12 destinations along Vietnam

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Highlight of 12 destinations along Vietnam

There is no bad time to go, but just a good time to go and a nice place to go. Stretching in the S shape is a map of Vietnam, beautiful roads with long coastline. And there are beautiful high mountains and plains with rice fields that flutter the wings. Take at least 1 month to explore a beautiful Vietnam.


Cherry blossom season, is the most beautiful spring in Dalat, is a city of flowers, where the climate is cool all year round and tourists often liken it to a miniature Netherlands. The spring months are usually in January, when plants are drenched with dew drops at night. So that when the morning light shone, it was like waking up, turning over and bursting up new preschools and shoots. And at that time, it was when the Cherry Blossoms exploded, glowing the mountain town.
The petals are fragile but full of life, fluttering in the breeze, sometimes fluttering in the wind as thin petals. Sometimes parked on the trees along the lake or whip gently down the lake surface rolling waves.

The most beautiful place to see cherry blossoms blooming is the area around Xuan Huong Lake, the old villa area on Tran Hung Dao street. Or a little further is Truc Lam Zen Monastery, the Golden Stream area, April 3 road or Trai Mat road.

Chinese New Year and the Light lantern festival

Taking place in Saigon when the old year passes and welcomes the new year. Because this is a late city and the home of many Chinese immigrants. They also have a cultural influence when living in the same area, and are also the spiritual beauty that their people responded. Over hundreds of years, this is also considered a great festival of Saigon people in particular and Chinese people in particular.
In the full moon days of January, Saigon seems to be lit and shimmering by the light of lanterns, floating on the Saigon River.
Tourists should go to the area of ​​Binh Thanh district, which is the place where the biggest and biggest flower festival takes place.

Hoa Ban, the symbol of Moc Chau in Marc

When the Northern weather changes season gradually from East to Summer, Moc Chau is out of that orbit. The weather will still be cold and Hoa Ban will bloom in this weather.
Hoa Ban grows sometimes in large clusters, sometimes scattered in the cliffs and thriving up strongly.
The flower petals are not brilliant but have a rustic beauty, thin wings and a little fluttering of pink and pure white.
On the roads of the adventurers, they often stop and fully enjoy the beauty of Moc Chau mountains. In addition, there is also the plum blossom season, the white plum blossoms mingled with the pink color of Hoa Ban make Moc Chau have a strange attraction.

Vibrant fireworks festival in Danang
Considered the most livable city in Vietnam because it not only has a modern, comfortable public transportation system but also is the greenest and cleanest city.
It is worth mentioning that here is a civilized city when there are no beggars and thieves. That is the reason that every year in April, the city is the place to display the most brilliant, most beautiful and special fireworks display from countries around the world.
And the venue for the spectacular show usually takes place on the Han River, where the most modern swing bridge in Vietnam. Where the quiet Han River flows through the city four years, where the most beautiful beaches on the planet.

Ninh Binh, where there is a Ha Long Bay on land.

On the days of May, June is probably the best time to visit Ninh Binh.
This place is not only a land of masterpieces, a capital of Vietnam, but also a place of brilliant ripe rice fields. Located on the way to Tam Coc, there are many beautiful and beautiful limestone mountains. The place where the Ngo Dong River is clean and gentle all year round. Where rice plants are drinking cool and fresh water to create stretches of living rice and flowering, yellowing flowers every harvest.
Visitors can spend the night in private houses, they do business with family travel. A place where visitors can fully enjoy the warm family atmosphere when staying here. And where visitors can bike leisurely on quiet village roads in the afternoon. And it is also one of the 12 destinations along Vietnam. 

July is when the fruit bowl of Vietnam is in season – the Western region – Mekong Delta

The land is filled with sediment every year by the Mekong River. There are countless thousands of gardens with all kinds of delicious fruits. It has a range of quality fruits exported to European countries and surrounding areas.
In addition, floating markets such as Cai Rang, Cai Be and Ben Tre markets are tourist attractions by life on the river. It is a place where visitors will see the bustle of the people ‘s life here, enjoying the most delicious fruits.

And there are even afternoons biking, through gardens full of fruit, hand-picking the sweetest mangoes and dragon fruits.
And there is also a village of coconut candy making, that is Ben Tre town, a famous craft village and has exported candy all over the world.

Nha Trang August summer call, A stop for world-class bitter sailors. Just that is enough to understand how Nha Trang has beautiful beaches and attractive waves.
Not only that, Nha Trang in August is when the sea is clear and blue, smooth sandy beaches stretching and smoothly.
Besides the countless coral reefs that are strictly protected, so beautiful, many species of fish have been used as refuge and forage. A suitable place for scuba diving adventures, watching thousands of small and large fish in many colors.
In addition, coming to Nha Trang there are also places where you can take a mud bath, relax after hard working days. This is a great idea in 12 destinations along Vietnam.

Hanoi Fall in September, the season of fragrant and fragrant young nuggets

Yellow sunshine pouring honey through each interstitial leaves, sky high and blue is when Hanoi autumn comes back. The chilly wind will chill when the young nuggets start to harvest. And whoever has fallen in love with Hanoi, this is the memory season, remembering Hanoi gently as a young girl. Hanoi autumn is when the roads change color, the trees with red, yellow.

Coming to the pearl island of Vietnam, Phu Quoc Island in October is blue, Is the time when the waves, quiet pool, favorable rain and wind suitable for all activities on the sea. Note that in Phu Quoc there are two opposite sides of the sea, one side is the calm sea season and the opposite. Refer to choosing a place to stay to enjoy the full vacation here.

Dong Van stone plateau in November with brilliant flowers of Triangular Circuit

To get away from the hustle and bustle of town, cross the rugged roads to come to Ha Giang. The place that tourists favor is called the area with rocky blooms, it is the Triangle Flower Season.
After these months it is drunk and full of the rains of summer and blossoms in tiny pink flowers. Hiding behind rock crevices, it was crowded and racing to show off. The young shoots, when white and pink, create a poetic setting in the middle of the mountains with a gray color of cat ears.
It is like being compensated for this land, where there are only steep cliffs. And there is the mysterious Que river, four green seasons, flowing smoothly at the foot of the mountain.
There is also the Lung Cu flagpole, which symbolizes Vietnam’s sovereignty, where there is a miraculous Twin Mountain. 

Snow hunting season in Sapa in December, At an altitude of over 3000 m above sea level, so in the winter months, Sapa often snow. The most is the peak of Phan Xi Pang, four seasons of clouds still dance like in heaven.

Guests have many ways to move here, can use the bus, car bed grasp. If you have more time, the experience of sleeping on the train is the best. Only after 8 am are the tourists present at SaPa and vi vu to explore this wonderful land.