10 things to do when coming to Vietnam

10 things to do when coming to Vietnam – Vietnam Premier Travel. Visit Hanoi French Old quarter, Hanoi food street tour, sleeping on board in Halong Bay.

What are the 10 things to do when coming to Vietnam

If it is your first time coming to Vietnam, there are so many things that make you wonder what to do and where to go in a limited time. We will provide the most useful information to make the most of your first Vietnam experience.

North Vietnam

Visit Hanoi Old Town as a cross between the old and the new, Hanoi with over 1000 years old captivates visitors. With a day away from Ba Dinh Square, witness the solemn flag-raising ceremony, visit President Ho Chi Minh’s mausoleum, enjoy Ho Tay shrimp cakes, drink beer at the crossroads of Tay Ta Hien Street. Walking around Hoan Kiem Lake, eating Trang Tien ice cream in the cold air or enjoying an egg coffee is an unforgettable experience for every tourist.

Discover the villages of the East and Northwest of Vietnam.

With 54 invisible invisible ethnic groups, Vietnam has a diverse culture and rich cuisine.
It can be said that Sapa is one of the most attractive destinations, walking deep into the villages, enjoying the beauty of human culture. Conquering the towering and majestic peak of Phanxipang, the peak of hunting clouds is extreme and satisfying.
Lung Cu flagpole towering, can see the whole mountain geological park of Ha Giang. Or fly on paragliding in Mu Cang Chai, see the beautiful terraced fields from above.

Overnight on Halong Bay
As one of the 7 natural wonders of the new world, Ha Long attracts thousands of visitors from around the world. Because there are thousands of islands with many different shapes, clear blue water, warm people. And water yourself to kayak, visit the long-standing fishing village on the bay and many more interesting things are waiting for you to come and explore.

The Central of Vietnam

A peaceful city nestled on the poetic Hoai River, the night is brilliant with colorful lanterns, it’s Hoian.
Walk on peaceful streets, no car horns, no motor sounds. See the old house folds lined up side by side with a classic yellow tone that is not old.
Enjoying the delicious high-class dishes in Quang Nam, the Hue ladies tucked in the purple ao dai on Truong Tien Bridge. At night, listening to the dances and lullaby on the Perfume River, it’s a dreamy Hue land. 

Relax on the planet’s most beautiful beaches, that is An Bang Beach of Hoian, My Khe Beach of Da Nang, Nha Trang Beach attracts excellent sailors in the world.

Visit historic landmarks to see a strong, resilient Vietnam. It is a streamlined and underground underground tunnel system with clinics, hospitals, schools, markets and community activities. A majestic Vinh Moc tunnel passes through the Thach Han river in Quang Binh.

Speaking of the Southern region of Vietnam, people often think of the Mekong River. The annual alluvial deposit of the river has brought abundance to the life of the people here.
And there are famous markets like Ben Tre, Can Tho, Cai Rang.
Small boats come back with many life stories.
Guests can eat a bowl of hot noodles in the colorful river, enjoying a unique cup of coffee here. Or simply sit and watch the bustle of business boats up and down the river.