10 Cities in Vietnam that you need to go after Halong Bay tours

10 Cities in Vietnam that you need to go after Halong Bay tours – Halong Bay Crusies – Vietnam Premier Travel. Vietnam Tour packages.

10 Cities in Vietnam that you need to go after Halong Bay tours

Halong is an indispensable destination for all travelers to Vietnam. Besides, there are destinations on the S-shaped strip of land that cannot be missed

Ha Giang stone plateau:It is a remote rocky area at the beginning of Vietnam, bordering China. This is a place where ethnic minorities live around spearheaded cat ears, flowers and flowers.

Hoian, beauty endures amidst the ever-changing world

Hoian’s 20th anniversary of the strictly preserved old city. And become the most desirable place in 20 cities in the world, with many ancient architecture, intangible culture, traditional villages.

Mui Ne with sand dunes and pristine blue beach
With a multi-ethnic pride, the rich history of Cham Pa culture. There are Cham towers, Mui Ne beach running green and pristine.
A city 300 years old and youthful vibrant.
Like a Paris of Asia, the bustling city day and night has been an attractive destination for young people who love the bustle and youth.
Besides, it is also the economic center of Vietnam so Ho Chi Minh City is a city with many foreign businesses investing and building.
The Saigon River reflects the city at night, fanciful and shimmering, the bustling Ben Thanh Market with hundreds of thousands of items, large and small, has a Cu Chi tunnels taciturn and bearing priceless historical values.

Rice bowl of Vietnam, the biggest plain – that is the Mekong Delta

Flowing through most countries of Southeast Asia and including Vietnam and then into the sea. As the last stop, the Mekong River has brought a large amount of sediment to the area. And that is why the Mekong Delta is a granary, the common place to transfer fresh fruits and vegetables to the whole country.
Cai Rang and Cai Be floating markets are home to hundreds of busy boats day and night. A place to attract tourists from all over the place to enjoy the bustling atmosphere, daily life on the river.

The Pearl of Vietnam – Phu Quoc Island

Located separately on the remote island but not so that tourists can skip Phu Quoc.
The green beaches, stretching and covering the small inland area of ​​Phu Quoc are invisible making the four seasons here to play with the sun and the sea breeze.
There are also delicious, fresh dishes that are caught from this sea. As the ink in the sun, sweet lobster, fresh fish.
And even the historical stories of the war with France and the United States, the haunting and miserable prison ranges for us to appreciate this life more.