What to eat in central Vietnam

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The highlight of what to eat in central Vietnam?

Coming here is not only the peaceful and peaceful Hoi An Street, a dreamy Hue city, a natural wonder of the world of Phong Nha and Ke Bang. This place is also a paradise of delicious dishes, so please the traveler.

Bun Bo Hue – Hue beef noodle 

If coming to Hue without enjoying a bowl of Bun Bo, it is somewhat flawed, considered a specialty of Hue.
With a bowl of hot noodles and full of 1 pork leg pork leg, pork belly. Accompanied by slices of tenderly sliced beef on top, and sliced banana flowers and a variety of herbs.

Quang noodles

This dish is prepared quite sophisticated before being delivered to users, the seasoning is seasoned to taste. The broth must be clear and sweet so when it sprinkles the noodles it will become crispy and chewy.
Served with it are delicious and fresh raw vegetables such as salads, sliced ​​bananas, lettuce, basil, spinach, onions and smells.
If the tank has more pieces of crunchy, greasy bread, it is even better.


Hoi An Bread

Speaking of Vietnamese cuisine, not only Pho, bread and many other snacks, Hoian Bread is also on the list of must-try dishes when coming here.

There are dozens of kinds of fillings, including the typical Vietnamese patties, sausages, sausages, cheese, jambon, pate, bacon, etc.
With the accompanying condiments that highlight the flavor of bread is the accompanying ingredients. It is a pickle dish, the accompanying sour food is processed extremely delicate and delicious. These can be young cucumbers, pickled cabbage, onions, cilantro, basil, etc.
The outside is a bread crust that’s just barely baked, crispy crust but soft and chewy. All of them combine and make a small but delicious bread, which can be eaten at any time of the day.