The most attractive destinations in Ho Chi Minh

The most attractive destinations in Ho Chi Minh – Ho Chi Minh City tour – Vietnam Premier Travel. Do bamboo boat visit floating market are Ben Tre, Cai Rang

What are the most attractive destinations in Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh City is a young city with a age of over 300 years, bearing in itself important historical markers of Vietnam. Along with that, the youthful and dynamic life of people will make visitors excited and curious about it.

Independence Palace

Independence Palace, also known as Reunification Palace, has a large area of ​​up to 12,000 m2, spread across 4 streets.
The building’s architecture includes the ballroom, the presidential family residence, the mail room, and the basement.
Inside the building there are still 2 historical witness bombs and a helicopter on the mansion. And there is also a car Mercedes President Nguyen Van Thieu uses every day.

There is also a Jeep M152A2 vehicle for the last president of Vietnam – Duong Van Minh to read the surrender statement.
In addition, the Palace also preserves contemporary art works, the green space around the Palace attracts viewers

Statue of President Ho Chi Minh

Located on Nguyen Hue Street, the statue of President Ho Chi Minh is placed on a 2.7m high pedestal. The height of the statue is 4.5m so the total statue up to 7.2m attracts distance vision.
Behind the statue is a stele with the date to celebrate the success of the uprising, the provisional southern administrative committee was presented to the city people on August 25, 1945.

Ben Thanh Market

Ben Thanh Market is also considered the largest wholesale market in the Southern region with many items from high-class to affordable. The market opens at 4am in the North Gate with high quality foodstuffs and fruit stalls.
And the west, east and south gates will be gradually opened from 8am to welcome guests.
The campus of the large market with 1450 stalls and 6000 small businesses attracts thousands of visitors and shopping

Notre Dame Cathedral

In the middle of a bustling and bustling city, there is one area that seems to be unaffected by Notre Dame Cathedral.
The citadel is 21m high, with a main center, a secondary side and two rows of chapels, the capacity of the cathedral is up to 1200 people.

Once upon a time, Bach Dang Wharf

was almost forgotten because no one remembers its tranquility. But nowadays Bach Dang Wharf has been busy and bustling, so both sides have attracted many tourists to come here because of the romantic and poetic nature of the river.

No less busy is the Ben Thanh wholesale market that is the Binh Tay market. With more than 230 trading stalls, 30 types of leather goods have attracted many tourists to come here.
Binh Tay Market was built in 1930 by a Chinese man named Quach Dam and is still operating today.
With semi-classical French architecture combined with Chinese architecture, Binh Tay market has different beauty. The corners of the roof are slightly curved in the style of Eastern temples.
The main tower has 4 sides with clock faces facing in all directions, the main main gate of the market is accompanied by 12 auxiliary gates so it is very convenient for goods trade.