All reason visit Cat Ba Island

All reason visit Cat Ba Island – Halong Bay Cruises – Vietnam Premier Travel. Cat Ba is located 10 km southeast of Ha Long Bay, in Hai Phong City. Ctas Island has 367 islands large and small on the water including Lan Ha Bay.

The all reason visit Cat Ba Island 

Come to Cat Ba Island to avoid the noise of Ha Long Bay.
The landscape is similar to Ha Long Bay, typically Lan Ha Bay
Suitable for those who like hiking and adventure travel.

Thing to do in Cat Ba Island 

Visist Cat Co beach and swimming from Cat Ba town, visitors can come to Cat Co 1,2,3 beach in various ways such as tram, walking or cycling.

From Cat Ba town, visitors can come to Cat Co 1,2,3 beach in various ways such as tram, walking or cycling. With a stretch of turquoise beach, fine white sandy beach is suitable for all swimming activities

To avoid the noise and many tourists, visitors can come here early in the morning. Being able to enjoy the clear blue water while watching the dawn on the coast will make it unforgettable.

This is the most activity in all reason visit Cat Ba Island, highly recomment for all everyone.

Visit Cat Ba Island 

With a large area and many rich flora and fauna systems, Cat Ba Island has become the biosphere reserve of Vietnam and the world. There are rare and precious animal and plant species and included in the world red book that made Cat Ba Island a destination of many biologists and tourists who love nature.

There are many activities for visitors to visit Cat Ba Island. The most popular can be said to be cycling through forests and becoming a fisherman when visiting Viet Hai fishing village.

Monkey Island, also known as Cat Dua Island, belongs to Nam Cat area. It is a monkey sanctuary of Vieetnam. With many fruit trees and rich flora is the ideal place to protect monkeys on extinction

There are more than 20 different monkey species, every day they are in the forest and foraging but still in the control of the security staff here. Visitors can feed them but note that they should not tease them, it can attack you.

Cai Beo village is an ancient village in Cat Ba Island, Cai Beo floating village is also an indispensable destination in the journey to explore Cat Ba Island.
And this is also the place where archaeologists learn about the life of the ancient Vietnamese people here.

Lan Ha Bay is an ideal place for kayaking and kayaking. With large water surface area, right at the sea gate, the water is very clean. Specifically, the Genesis Regal cruise will take visitors to explore the Lower Glory. Visitors will visit the Morning cave and Dark cave when they experience it on their own.
And jump from the top of the train to the clear blue water


Lan Ha Bay is located in Cat Ba island with hundreds of different limestone mountains. Climbing here is also an exciting activity for healthier and adventurous travelers.
Many mountains have different shapes and low elevations such as Dau Be, Van Boi, Hang Ca and Tien Ong Island are beautiful climbing places and attract many visitors.

The best time comes to Cat Ba Island.

Located in the tropical climate of the North, Cat Ba Island also has 4 separate seasons. Therefore, the season, autumn and summer is the best time to come here.
Spring stabbing tree, green Cat Ba Forest and make a cool and healthy area.
Summer is also a good time suitable for swimming and kayaking. However, this is the peak season of Vietnamese people so visitors will flock here on weekends.
Autumn is the most beautiful season here, the trees turning color will make du kahchs immersed in the romantic and quiet space rarely here. And it is also the dry season suitable for walking to the forest and cycling.