Popular destinations in Vietnam

Popular destinations in Vietnam – Halong Bay Cruises – Vietnam Premier Travel. Overnight on boat in Halong Bay – Sapa trekking – Overnight at the Home stay.

How to know the Popular destinations in Vietnam

Vietnam is a small country but the advantage is that the coastline extends from the North to the South. And there is also a mix of regions and different types of climate that make this place a beautiful country. The diversity of nature, scenery and rich culture has attracted a large number of tourists to come here.

Sapa terraced fields and people here

Sapa is also known as a miniature Dalat Porcelain, with 4 seasons changing throughout the day.
This place is a beautiful, colorful paradise with terraced fields. Spin from mountain to mountain, as interwoven and blended in every step of the visitors when walking down the playing board.
As a Cat Cat, Ban Shin Chai, Ta Van villages with a diversity of indigenous cultures, where people are warm. There are ancient trade villages here that still pass on to their descendants like the craft of taking the leaves of the forest to make medicine of the Red Dao people. Brocade weaving career of Ban Cat Cat or making corn wine of H’mong people, all blended together to give Sapa an unforgettable charm.
And one more special thing is to experience a night of sleeping, living, talking and cooking with people to better understand their culture.
In addition, Sapa also attracts visitors by its cool, year-round climate. When you wake up in the morning, there is a thin mist floating in front of you, fanciful as in the unreal world.
When the sun rises, Sapa seems to wake up, every scene comes alive, like dancing with every step of the visitors.

Underground heaven – Phong Nha Ke Bang

Recognized as a world heritage site of UNESCO, with shown 300 caves deep underground. It is only a part to be discovered, the rest is still waiting for geologists to discover.
There are majestic limestone mountains in huge caves, underground rivers and forests, stalactites with strange shapes and beautiful.

Halong Bay, the destination must have to be

Twice has been recognized as a natural heritage of the world, visitors must understand what is the reason. Halong Bay with 1960s, large and small islands scattered around the Bay. Besides convenient transportation, group tours and cheap costs have attracted tourists from all over the world to come here.

And the most special thing is the overnight service on the boat, like sleeping at a hotel. Guests will be served food 4 meals in 2 days, kayaking to explore Ha Long Bay.

And having an hour to visit the cave, watching stalactites believed to be millions of years ago will surprise visitors. And more than that, swim in the heart of the world heritage, in Lan Ha Bay and many more interesting things are waiting for visitors to enjoy.

Hoi An, a city of memories and peace

Used to be the busiest port in the central region, the place for trading and exchanging goods among countries in the region. Hoian still retains this neighborhood today and became the most attractive destination voted by many travel magazines of the world.

Visit the southwestern provinces

There are 9 rivers flowing into the sea, also known as the “Mekong River”. Abundant land is filled with sediment from the Mekong River, fruit trees of four good seasons. As the rice bowl of Vietnam, it is home to abundant fruit and exports to European countries.
And also here visitors can make their own tiny coconut candy, enjoy it. Cycling through the shady coconut groves or hammock between the peaceful village scenery.
Visit floating markets such as Ben Tre, Cai Rang and Cai Be to better understand life on the river. Busy trading on the wharf, under the boat and enjoying the specialties of the West.