Northern Vietnam attractions

Northern Vietnam attractions – Natural/Adventure tours – Vietnam Premier. Do trekking, visit cave, swimming, do bamboo boat. Visit Waterfall, Babe Lake

What are the Northern Vietnam attractions?

Khia has gone all that is popular in the North, visitors still have time but do not know where to go, these are suggestions for you:

Ban Gioc Waterfall

Belonging to Cao Bang province and bordering on China, Ban Gioc Waterfall is a natural waterfall with the highest length in Asia.
From afar, visitors can feel the sound of waterfall falling, white foam. In the rainy season, the water rolls from the top of the waterfall.

Visitors can go to the middle of the Waterfall to see the grandeur and majesty of the waterfall by nan boats.
On both sides of the road, trees are always green because of the steam coming from the waterfall, the people here are also peaceful and hospitable

Pac Bo Cave, streams of Lenin

The reason for this name is because the place witnessed the modern state of Vietnam was born. President Ho Chi Minh after 30 years of finding a way to save the country has returned and is the place of the President’s base and work.
Four sides around Pac Bo Cave and Le Nin stream are always cool, clear spring water.

Ba Be Lake

Ba Be Lake is one of the largest freshwater lakes in more than 20 freshwater lakes in the world. Visitors here can swim, walk to visit the forest, visit the ethnic village. And sleeping at night in the village is also an interesting experience visitors should have.

Mu Cang Chai

Yen Bai is more than 3 hours drive from Hanoi, where there are beautiful terraced fields. Mu Cang Chai is also a place where visitors can experience skydiving, from above will see panoramic terraces.

Dong Van Plateau – Ha Giang

It is an extremely attractive destination in suggestions Northern Vietnam attractions. Coming to the Dong Van Stone Plateau, it is overwhelmed by the grandeur of nature, the mountains have been erected.
Here there is Deo Ma Pi Leng challenging the conquest of every human being when he comes here.