Genesis Regal explore Hoa Cuong cave

Genesis Regal explore Hoa Cuong cave – Halong Bay Cruises – Vietnam Premier. Hoa Cuong Cave is located in Cat Ba Island complex, 20km from the sand town of the island to the north of the island.

Highly by Genesis Regal explore Hoa Cuong cave

Hoa Cuong Cave with many beautiful stalactites, is a cave complex of Cat Ba Island. Hoa Cuong Cave is small but contains lots of information about history and many beautiful stalactites.
To come to this cave we will have to move to Gia Luan pier. From here you can ride a motorbike or via the Genesis Regal, which will take you here by Electric car or bike ride.

And the best choice for you is cycling through Viet Hai Village. Jute is the oldest bottle village still exists and grows in Cat Ba Island. The tour guide will take you here and introduce people to their history as well as their daily life. You can also join the people involved in fishing during the day. Cycling through Cat Ba forest with rich vegetation. Many rare plants and animals. Cat Ba Island is also a place to preserve and develop the white-winged Voo.
After an hour of cycling through many trees, following small roads nestled at the foot of the mountain. We will come to Hoa Cuong Cave. Hoa Cuong Cave was discovered during the war and since then it has been known as an indispensable destination.

When coming to Cat Ba and visiting Lan Ha Bay. In the cave with many beautiful stalactites, many strange shapes were created for Cat Ba. There are small lakes that will reflect on the ceiling every time the sun shines, making the cave even brighter. And here archaeologists also found the teeth of the ancient Vietnamese. In addition to the value of tourism, Hao Cuong Cave also contains many historical values ​​of the formation of Dao Cat Ba and its people.
Explore Viet Hai Fishing Village and  Genesis Regal explore Hoa Cuong cave. Or can booking the Combine tour include visit Halong Bay, Sapa tour and the North of Vietnam