15 destinations in Hanoi

15 destinations in Hanoi – Hanoi city tour – Vietnam Premier Travel. Visit Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Museum, one pilar pagoda. Enjoy food street food tour.

What are 15 destinations in Hanoi?

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, thousands of years old and is home to many unique landscapes. Visitors can not miss the best destinations in the journey to discover this beautiful country vIetnam.

Speaking of Hanoi, it is impossible not to say that Hoan Kiem Lake is an attractive destination not to be missed. The lake is surrounded by Dinh Tien Hoan, Le Thai To and Hang Khay streets.
Enjoy the cool Trang Tien ice cream, relax reading books on Diinh Le and Nguyen Xi streets.
Visit Ngoc Son Temple via The Huc bridge, painted red, the template of the Giant Turtle or simply take a walk around the lake to enjoy the fresh, green air.

President Ho Chi Minh’s mausoleum

Was officially started on September 2, 1973 and completed two years later. This is the resting place of the old father of the Vietnamese nation. Each year it welcomes tens of thousands of visitors and hears the story of his independence.
And there are many fascinating things in the complex of Uncle Ho’s Mausoleum such as One Pillar Pagoda, Uncle Ho Fish Pond, Nha San House and special garden.

Hanoi Opera House was built by the French from the first days of its arrival in Hanoi. With architectural style French, classic and luxurious.
The length of the theater is 87m, 30m wide, the total area of ​​up to 2600m2 can accommodate hundreds of guests. This is considered as a place of literature and art activities of the people of the capital in general and of Vietnam in particular.
The entrance to the theater is like a T made of natural stone leading to the 2nd floor, highlighting the yellow of the light falling from the ceiling.
1945 was the independence day of Vietnam, at the theater still preserved until now, the bullet wound as a testament to the struggle for independence of the people of the capital.

One Pilar Pagoda

This is considered a temple built on the dream of King Ly Thai Tong. The pagoda was built on a single vertical pillar, hence the name – One Pillar Pagoda.
In 1954, after being hit by a bomb, the temple was restored and continues to operate to this day.
This is considered to be the temple with the most unique architecture, created in high and low rhythm, including painting, sculpture, painting, water surface, corridor. All constitute a highly artistic, cultural and ethnic symbol.

Over the centuries, the one-pillar pagoda still stands still with sthaan pillars carrying 8 wooden wings symbolizing the blooming lotus. People still come here to pray for health and peace for life.

The Huc Bridge

And from this bridge, people and visitors can see the pen and ink pen. They can calmly hear the birds singing, the rustling of leaves.
And still, the bridge looks like a soft silk ribbon across the landscape of a green lake. It was so beautiful, it went to many newspapers and poems of many nature lovers.

West Lake

Also considered as the second green lung of Hanoi, West Lake with large water surface creates an airy and pleasant space.
West Lake is also known as Ho Kim Nguu, Dam Xet Cao or Lang Bac. People also consider the road running around the lake as the road of love, it is extremely romantic when the sunset falls.

Hanoi flagpole

The structure of the flagpole is different, although the weather is hot and humid outside, the inside is still cool. Despite the wet rain, the inside is still dry, there is no water flowing in.
The flagpole was built from the Nguyen dynasty, 1812 on the southern land of Nam Thanh.
During the fierce war, the flagpole was partly damaged. Today, the government still keeps that bomb trace so that those who come here can see the devastation of the war. Appreciate and understand more than life is.